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Hope everyone had a good week! This week was long, but filled with lots of good things! :)

Monday-- Was great! We tried contacting a potential but got the wrong address and talked to a guy named Ron. He was super nice, but had sooo much anti stuff to bring up to us. He said he would pray for us haha, no Ron, we will pray for you! We went to Family Home Evening at Sister Wilson's again and it was great! 

Tuesday-- We were walking in a neighborhood to some Less actives houses and we stopped to talk to a man who was washing his car and we ended up talking to him about the Plan of Salvation and we gave him a pamphlet and he said we could try back in a few weeks beacuse they were leaving on vacation to Death Valley... why anyone would make Death Valley their vacation spot, I don't know. But he said we could come back! :) His name was Norman, and we are excited to try back. :)

We stopped by the Daniels to try to talk to Don Daniels about how his Book of Mormon reading has been and he was out golfing, so we talked to Sister Daniels and it was so good! She is the spunkiest 70 year old woman.

Then we had a great lesson on the Word of Wisdom and following the prophet with Bob and Landon! Brother Jacobs, his son Nick and Sister Johnson came. It was such a good lesson! And Bob is pushing passed his obscure concerns and having more faith! He committed to live the word of wisdom and follow the prophet! :)

Wednesday-- I hit my 8 month mark that day! So crazy! We pulled weeds and mopped this giant gym floor at City Hall for service. For studies that day I started reading in Mosiah in the Book of Mormon and I have made a crazy map and have tried to fit everything together that is happening. I've finally figured out who the heck is in the Book of Mormon and now I'm just the biggest Book of Mormon geek ever and I absolutely adore that book. Seriously though, how everything ties together is so fascinating and so cool! It is SO GOOOOOD. I can't put it down in the mornings and at lunch when I get a chance to read. I understand it so much better now, than ever before. I'm learning so much and it is so real when I read it! I love it.

Then we met with Bob Shay, and I just love that crazy man! He is so funny! He gave us some citrus fruit, so I carried it in my bag around all day until we walked home for dinner. It is pretty delicious to say the least. Also we stopped by Michael-- a potential that we hadn't contacted yet and they have the cutest family! I have such high hopes for them, they said we could come back at another time! Then we met Sister Mclaughlin at Upper Crust Pizza-- the most delicious of food. She is obsessed with that place and always takes us there :) She is the sweetest.

Then we went to the Martinez family! A former investigating family that used to live by Brother Gruwell in the ward and they were great! We talked to them outside and we are going to try to find them at not a busy time next week. They have so many cats...  so many cats... 

Thursday-- We planned and visited some members that we were trying to see, they don't come as often, so we were trying to go see them! It went really well!

Friday-- We had a really spiritual District meeting and I learned so much! We tried to find this old lady that used to talk to the missionaries, but ended up talking to her grandson! Hopefully he reads the pamphlet we left him! We went to Spanish Class and it was great! Then we stopped by Bob's house to see if we could meet with him the next day and he asked us the greatest question ever! He asked if Landon could be baptized the same day as him! UM YES OFCOURSE BOB! That was the goal all along! 

Saturday-- We had a great lesson with Bob and Landon and Sister Fitt came with us. We taught the Law of Chastity and about Baptism and Landon totally wants to be baptized with his dad, but they need to ask Landon's mom (they are divorced) if he can be baptized.. and they aren't sure how that is going to go over. So for sure Bob is getting baptized on March 13th at 6pm!!!! And then hopefully Landon too, but most likely when he gets permission from his mom, Bob will just 

baptize him when he has the Priesthood to do so! :) So many great things!!!!! Then we played volleyball at the church and the elder's investigators were there and the Romero's were there and it was a good time! Got to use some of my very poor Spanish speaking skills!

Sunday-- Bob came to church! All of the meetings were so great! We taught the youth sunday school about Christlike Attributes and how we can develop them in our lives.It went really well! After church, Caleb a little kid in the ward, said he was coming home with us.. so we walked all the way out to the car and as soon as we were jokingly waiting for him to get in, he just ran back inside the church laughing hahaha it was funny. 

All of our appointments cancelled so we stopped by the Steedles-- they just got back from their vacation and are doing well! They seemed so happy! Hopefully we can help them to come to church and read and pray consistently!

Well sorry for the novel.. didn't realize how much really did happen this week! When we are diligent and expect miracles.. they happen. It's amazing! :) I love this gospel so much!! So grateful I was able to have it growing up, not sure where or who I would be with out it!
Thanks for all of the love and support from everyone! I appreciate it so much. Love you all!!!!!!
Have a good week!

Hoorah for Israel!
Sister Loar


Caleb following Sister Dodson to the car. haha

Spring is in the air! The trees are all blossoming!

Super weird law building in town that has a random dog mural on it....

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