Monday, March 30, 2015



Man oh man, what a week!!!

Monday-- We went on a hike! The prettiest hike EVER! I am so obsessed with this place. It seriously is so beautiful. So we went on the hike, but got a late start... so we hiked 2 hours in.. and were like .25 miles from our destination, the lake, and we had to turn back because we had to make it on time to our dinner appointment.. we had an hour to get back.. so we RAN THE WHOLE WAY BACK! 

It was pretty legit at the time, because I've never really went trail running like that, but 3.75 miles and an hour later at the bottom of the trailhead... I was EXHAUSTED. Hahaha my body was so sore! But hey, we got back in time and all was well. :)

Tuesday-- We talked to Chris Jones, a former investigator and had an awesome chat with him! We just ran into him walking on the sidewalk and so it was a miracle we got to talk to him! We set up an appointment for this coming Tuesday at the church, so hopefully we will be able to start teaching him again! 

We were trying to get in contact with some of the people we've met and just haven't been able to talk to them for a while.. and we ended up knocking on a door of a hispanic family and we used our Spanish skills to get a referral for the elders! We felt so accomplished! :) Also on Tuesday we were walking by this house that we had just said hi to the lady that lived there about two months ago.. and I just felt like we needed to knock on the door. So we did and she invited us in and we were talking about religion and such and she was Catholic and told us she didn't want to change her ways, and then she goes on to explain how hard it is for her because her children don't want to be Catholic or even any religion and how that has been a struggle for her. And then perfect timing--- in walks one of her daughters who is our age! We started talking to her a little bit and she was really not interested at the beginning but she started explaining how she just talked to her friend the night before, about her experience serving a mission in Sweden!!! Coincidence, I think NOT! :) So we gave her a Book of Mormon and she said we could come back this week sometime! Miracles all around!

That evening, Sister Pierce, a new sister in the ward, came out with us and we had an awesome first lesson with Diane! She is so great! We met her a couple weeks ago and never were able to get back over there. We had a great lesson about the Restoration and she committed to come to church and read the Book of Mormon to know if it's true!! We didn't set her with a baptismal date, because she is sadly moving in the middle of April... sad day, but we will make sure she stays in contact with missionaries after she moves! We also had a great lesson that night with the Romero family! We taught about the Anti-Nephi-Lehies burying their swords and making promises with God that they would be more obedient and then we gave them each a paper sword to write something they want to do better or give up in their life to be more obedient and we are going to bury it on top of the mountain at the end of our hike that we are going on today with them! :)

Wednesday-- We did a lot of service at the Care Center and City Hall in the morning and then we had a great lesson with Bob Shay! Marshall his son was walking by, outside his trailer and we invited him to join us and he did! We taught the Restoration and committed him to read and pray! He didn't make it to church, but we will work with him on that!
Also Wednesday was my halfway mark! 9 months down! 9 months to go! :)

Thursday-- We have started running along the canal near by and it is SO pretty in the mornings! We get to see the sunrise and the sun hits the peaks of the mountains and it is so pretty. It's like seeing two sunrises every morning! It is really peaceful running here in Bishop!

We went and helped that lady named Kelly that we met last Friday weed her flower bed and get ready to sell her house! We talked to her daughter Alyson a lot. She had downloaded the Book of Mormon on her Kindle after the first time we met her and just mentioned it! She had already started reading it out of curiosity and she is just so great! We talked to her more about it and we are just sooo sad she is moving this week. :( We are praying that a miracle will happen and missionaries will find them! 

Friday-- We had a great district meeting. I learned a lot about how I can utilize the Book of Mormon more in our teaching! We went to Schat's Bakkery for lunch and it was SO good! 

We tried to get in touch with people but some of them are just MIA.. hopefully we get a hold of Rocio soon. We went out to dinner with Sister Mclaughlin. She is my favorite. I just love that woman.

Then all of our plans got cancelled and we decided to go see Jessica, a girl that used to take the lessons from the missionaries! We are going to start teaching her again! She is awesome, I just love her so much. We were walking home, and saw a man sitting outside of his house, so we just started talking to him about fishing and stuff and then he asked if we could come back and teach his family! Say what! Ofcourse we can! :) 

Saturday-- We walked to the church with Liea Romero to see the Women's Broadcast and that was such a good meeting!! The girl they talked about with the last name Cardon, is totally our ancestor!! I was freaking out when she was telling that story!! THE WHOLE WORLD NOW KNOWS ABOUT OUR HERITAGE!! So legit! I was way touched by that! Then we had dinner with Mitch and Angie and they are just the greatest. They were watching BYU volleyball game and it made me miss BYU so much! Haha go Cougs!

Kay so that morning we were walking out to the car to go to church and a man was at our neighbors house. We started talking to him and said we were going to church and invited him to come. He said he would! So we were like yay!!! Then we get to church and none of our investigators are coming.. so we went out in the hall and said a quick prayer that they would come. 5 minutes later Diane comes walking in!!! YAY! Then towards the end of the meeting Michael, the man we talked to that morning comes walking in!!! MIRACLES!!! THEY CAME TO CHURCH!! PRAYER ANSWERED! :) It was so awesome having them there! 

Sister Luddington and I sang Consider the Lilies for the Easter Program that we had for Sacrament meeting. I HAD TO SING A SOLO. It was probably the most nerve wracking thing ever in life. 2nd time singing in front of people and I had to sing a solo... hahaha!  That's what happens when you're a missionary! haha I felt like it was super special because that was one of Grandma Jan's favorite hymns. :)  The spirit was super strong and definitely helped me, I couldn't have done it by myself!

Then every hour after that we had an appointment! Lesson with the Romero's, a lesson with Michael at the Laundromat cause that is where he was haha, a lesson with the Shelburne's and their turtles, and then a great dinner and lesson at the Steedle's!! :) 

Hope you all have a great week! I love you all so much and am so grateful for all of the love and support!!! The church is true, and Heavenly Father answers our prayers!! He is so aware of us!!

Sister Loar

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