Monday, March 23, 2015


Hey Hey!

This week has been filled with change all over the place! 

Tuesday-- We were supposed to wake up at 4 to get to a training meeting that Sister Dodson had to go to, and ended up waking up at 6 to the Elder's calling us about something! We rushed out of the apartment like mad women and were able to get to transfer meeting in time, hallelujah! It was a very sad departure, Sister Dodson and I struggled with saying goodbye. 

It's been such an amazing experience being able to serve with her! After transfers we drove to Ridgecrest for groceries and didn't get back until like 8:30.. what a day. 

Sister Luddington, my new companion is awesome! She is so sweet and she is from Kaysville, UT. We get along really well and she has been out for about 14 months! It's been fun just this last week with her, so I'm sure we will have a blast together this transfer.

Wednesday--We did some service at City Hall and then Sister Luddington got settled a little bit more and unpacked. We went to Bob Shay's and had a great lesson with him! We ran into Sister Wilson when we were walking back from Bob's and she gave us a little tour of the down town shops and stuff and we talked to the thrift store owner. He was pretty nice and took a Restoration pamphlet so hopefully something comes out of that! We stopped by the Romero's and talked to them for a little. We went and helped a new family move into the ward! They are just storing their stuff at the Ginn's until they find a place to rent. All of the youth and some people from the ward came to help and it was great! 

Thursday-- We planned for what seemed like an eternity.. blah haha but we stopped by this lady's named Sabina, she is one of Sister Daniel's foster daughters. She is a member but hasn't been to church for forever and she just moved in a couple of months ago to Bishop. We had a wonderful chat with her and she expressed some interest in coming back to church. We are excited to continue to work with her and hopefully help her family come into the Gospel! Then we went to dinner at the Bartholemew's and they are great! Both probably over 80 years old and it was so fun talking to them about their lives and their pond that they love. We stopped by Andrew's baseball game after that, it was just finishing so we got to visit with the Steedle's for a little bit. We are excited to start finding people at the park now because there are baseball games happening all the time and so many people are there. 

Andrew got a hair cut finally -- that is why I am so excited -- haha!!!

We taught Book of Mormon class and that was good! The Romero's came and Sister Fischer and Sister Wilson. We stopped by Bob Lujan's and he is just being so weird. He has gotten flakey lately.. and he didn't come to church on Sunday.. so I'm kind of worried but mostly frustrated with him. Hopefully he decides to get it together!

Friday-- For excerise that morning we went running to this little outdoor work out park thingy and these three older ladies showed up and it was the cutest thing. They were getting their work out on! :) District meeting was great! We walked there and were able to see so many people! We've been walking every where this week and we have been able to meet and talk to everyone. On our way back from the church we saw this lady who was working in her yard and asked if she needed any help! She said she was putting her house up for sale so she could use a lot of help! We started talking to her and her daughter and they said we could come back and share a message with them and help with the weeds in the yard this coming week! It was so awesome! They are moving to Sacramento though, so hopefully we will be able to talk to them more before they move! 

We also met this crazy guy named Larry. He was super pumped up to hear about the Book of Mormon being more scripture and took one and said he would read it! We went to the bakery for lunch and it was really good. We stopped by the new Sister that just moved in, Sister Peirce and had a great visit with her! She is exactly what this ward needs so we are super stoked to see what happens. She is going out with us to do visits next week so that will be way helpful. We went to spanish class and learned how to say our testimony in Spanish! 

Yo se que nuestro Padre Celestial nos ama y nos conose. Yo se que Jesucristo vive. Yo se que el Libro de Mormon es verdadero porque yo siento el Espiritu Santo en me corazon cuando lo leo.

Saturday-- We contacted a referral named Perla and she has three little girls! It wasn't a good time so hopefully next week will be better for them!  We had a great lesson with the Romero's and Sister Pierce came so that was good!

Sunday-- Was a great day! We had a change in the Bishopric, Brother Ginn and Brother Hall were made counselors! It was great :) We talked to this young man that was visiting from Santa Barbara and he said that he had joined in on a lesson with the sisters that were here in Bishop six months ago and moved right after that and he ended up being baptized this last December! So legit!!! So cool to see the things we do everyday as missionaries turn into amazing conversion stories. It was awesome talking to him! After church the Ginn's had us over for lunch-- Cafe Rio burritos so that made my day! Then we visited with some members and saw Mitch and Angie and had a great lesson about the Plan of Salvation and some pie and ice cream :) Love those two crazies.

Today we are hoping to go on a hike! The Internet at the church was being dumb so that is why this is later than usual! But love you all so much and I love being a missionary!
Greatest blessing ever!

Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Sister Loar

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