Monday, September 28, 2015


Well hello everyone! Another week has come and gone, and it was a great one. :)

Monday-- We started our week with Sister Rudd and Sister Bey and got our nails done! :) It was so fun getting pedicures with them! I'll forward some pictures!

We ate at the Livingston's that night, and we just love them. Heavy black heart Sister Livingston told us about one of her neighbors that just moved in and that we should go meet her. She said she was super nice and that her name was Jenny! So we planned to go see her later that week, since we didn't have time that day. We then went to Sister Nowak's to help her bag everything up in her house to get ready for the pest control people to spray for termites.. So that was interesting. After that we had a lesson at the Mayfield's with Samantha and it went really well! :) They are such an awesome family. 

Tuesday-- The Shelton's (a senior missionary couple) came and inspected our apartments and then they surprised us and took us out for lunch to Chipotle! Yay! :) We are spoiled. It's the best.

We went on splits that night and saw the White family. Their kids aren't baptized and they haven't been to church in forever. We taught them about the Book of Mormon, watched an awesome Mormon Message about it and committed them to read the Book of Mormon as a family. We will follow up this week and see how that's going for them!

Wednesday-- Usually Sister Shimmin comes out with us, but she couldn't because she needed to clean up around her house. So we offered to come to service for her, since she always comes out with us! It was good to do some service and help her out :) They have a bunch of nut crackers from around the world that they collect and it was fun dusting all of them. They are such a good family! They live up in the foothills past the oil fields and so there was lots of dust from all dirt around their little abode.

We went to the Bey's for dinner and that's always a joy! :) Love them! We had bread bowls so it reminded me of home for sure! 

Thursday-- We had an awesome lesson with Sholanda about the Plan of Salvation and she seemed to really understand it well! Before we even asked her she said she was going to come to church!! :) yayyyy! Go Sholanda!!

Then we stopped by Brooke's dad's house, who is a less active member in the ward, and set up another time to go see them that week, since it wasn't a good time right then. So obviously we had to go tell Brooke about it! Haha anything to go see our besties! We talked with Brooke for a little bit, and that was so good. I just love her and Cody, they are the best!

Friday-- We had exchanges with the Laurelglen sisters and I went with Sister Laming and had a great time with her! She's such a good sister and she's from Michigan, so that was fun!

We had a great lesson with Kim and Mila! Sister Huff came with us and it was the best! We taught the Plan of Salvation and read out of the Book of Mormon. Drea, Sister Huff's littlest daughter, and Mila are best friends now! So presh. :) That night we talked to a couple outside for like an hour! They are sooo awesome, but not interested in finding out if what we teach is true.. It was sad. They are SO close! SO close, but not willing to find out. 

We went to the Olsen's that night for a lesson! We talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon and Sister Olsen and I decided we are going to make a movie about the Book of Mormon.. it's official. So get ready for a block buster to come out! ;)

Saturday-- We did the missionary moment at the Zone Leaders baptism and it was such a special opportunity. The spirit was so strong! A mom and a daughter got baptized! So amazing! We went to help Monica sisters find some new investigators in their area, and we think it helped a little bit!! :) Then we had dinner at the one and only Sister Smith's and then went to the General Women's Session of General Conference! IT WAS SO GOOD! I just love listening to the leaders of the church and their inspired words. Elder Uchtdorf's talk really touched me as well as Linda S. Reeve's. The importance of being a consecrated and dedicated disciple really stood out to me. We can't be casual disciples of Jesus Christ! We need to stand for what we believe in and choose to follow the Savior.

Sunday-- Church was so good! AND GUESS WHO CAME TO CHURCH!! :) Brother Mayfield and little Cydn

ey Mayfield! (She's four and she is Samantha's little sister). Samantha didn't come so we just went to Primary with Cyd and it was the cutest thing. SHE LOVED IT! She's going to be the way that we will get this family back to church! :) No one else came, but it's alright, there is always next week!

We found a couple of new people to teach that night, including JENNY! Sister Livingston's new neighbor and friend! :) She is awesome and we are meeting with her later this week.

Great things are happening! :)

So, basically, I cannot express my excitement and anticipation for General Conference this next weekend. Literally have had a count down for the last good bit. :) I set a goal to re-read all of last conference's talks and to finish the Book of Mormon by Saturday! I'm well on my way to that and it has definitely helped me prepare for it. I'm so excited to hear what the Prophet, Thomas S. Monson has to say! Such amazing times we live in, where we can access the words of living prophets and apostles by a device in our hands!!! So amazing!!! I'm so grateful for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm so grateful for the love I feel as a share it with others. My heart is full and I'm excited for it to over flow with happiness as we watch Conference this weekend! Cool thing is that I know that I'll be watching it the same time all of you are watching it, along with 15 million other people around the globe! 

"The patterns and truths found in the Book of Mormon are clear and instructive, plain and precious. When we begin with righteousness and obedience, we will end with blessings and joy." -Bishop Gary E. Stevenson

Love you all so much!

Have the best week ever!
Sister Loar

There were snacks for the choir people after church! Yay for food hahaha swarms of humans.

Monday, September 21, 2015


Herro! :) 
It's been a great week!!!

Monday-- Was my beloved birthday and everyone was so nice and so kind and generous and I just love everyone who made it the best birthday week ever!!!
Sister Long and I treated ourselves to Moo Creamery and it was sooo good! Diners, Drive-in's and Dives was not joking! It was delicious! Family, and whomever else ventures to Bakersfield, you must try it someday!
Before dinner we had sometime to go proselyte, so we tried this house we have knocked on for a million years and guess what, MY HOME GIRL DEBBY WAS THERE! She was totally interested when we taught the Restoration and she took a Book of Mormon, said she would read it, and she accepted the invitation to be baptized if she finds out its true! She asked when church was, so that was pretty promising.
Then we went to Brooke and Cody's for dinner! :) THEY ARE THE BEST I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Cody made dinner and it was sooo good and Brooke made a Texas sheet cake and it was delicious! They are my favorites. :) They made it a special day for sure! My birthday candles have multiplied exponentially in my life recently and now, there is a small forest fire to blow out on my birthday. 
After that the Huff's invited us over and they are the sweetest and gave me a little present! It was so nice of them. :) They are such a great family!
Tuesday-- We taught Kim (#2) on her doorstep and she totally accepted the message and wanted us to come back! She wasn't feeling well later this week so we weren't able to have a second lesson with her. But hopefully this week!
We did service at the Senior Center and they gave us GIANT peanut butter cookies! It was so good! hahaha (basically this week was full of FOOD all great food :))

We had dinner with Sister Himle, Porter and Cook from Stockdale!!! :)
So fun!!

Then we had a great lesson with Windy about the Plan of Salvation and she ATE everything up so much!! She loved the fact that we lived before this life and that there is a plan. She KNEW it was true and it was an awesome lesson. (Thanks Gramps for teaching that to us always, I love drawing out the diagram for everyone we teach!)

Wednesday-- We went and visited Sister Robles (a less active member) and she ended up coming to church this sunday! YAY!

Brother Bey brought us Milkshakes for my birthday! hahaha he's the BEST!

We had a great lesson at the church with Kim (#1) and Sister Jorgenson came with us and it was so great! yayyy! We had dinner that night with the Jorgenson's and it ended with me demonstrating the Napoleon Dynamite dance for their three kids. They loved it! hahaha they said we'll have a dance off next time we eat with them! hahaha Summer would be so proud!

We had a lesson at the Mayfield's that night and they are so nice, they made me a birthday cake! I just feel so loved! :) We watched the Restoration video and it went really well!
Samantha came to the church Saturday night for a church tour so that was great progress with her! I hope she comes this next week, since she didn't make it this week! Someday!

Thursday-- we had a great lesson with Tim and Brother Lindley came and was SO awesome at teaching! Such a good lesson! Silly Tim didn't come to church either though, so that was a bummer! One day, Tim, one day.

We went to check on Windy and Courtney, since we had planned to go to a baptism that night with them and Sister Hillhouse was going to take us all there, and when we walked in, they were PACKING UP TO LEAVE! :( Like for good! Somethings just didn't work out so they were moving to go live somewhere else. They didn't even know where! SO SAD! We will keep in touch with them and send missionaries wherever they end up. I am positive they will be baptized when they get settle down.

Firday-- We went on exchanges, with the sisters from Stockdale//Brimhall wards and I went with Sister Shaw! I LOVE HER! :) She is so fun and we found three new people to teach! SO AMAZING! :) It was the best exchange ever!

Saturday-- We were walking back to our car after trying to contact someone that ended up not being home, and we stopped and talked to this guy that was outside. He said that he saw us walkin

g and that he was hoping we would come and talk to him because he knew we were missionaries! He hasn't learned much about what we believe but he was asking us about how we feel about the world now a days and how awful its getting. He expressed that he feels SO alone in trying to be a true Christian and not hypocritical and it was SO EASY TO TEACH HIM! We gave him a couple of pamphlets and resources to look some talks from the prophet and apostles and gave him a Book of Mormon! He said he would try to make it to church, but he ended up not coming. He's super awesome and said to keep in touch! His name was Cody and he is SO SOLID!

Sunday-- Was an amazing day at church. Even though no one we were teaching made it, it was a really spiritually uplifting time and I JUST LOVE CHURCH. I can't imagine surviving with out it! It helps me so much and gives me so much direction.

We ate at the Huffaker's and saw the Bey's and planned THE most amazing mutual ever! It's going to be epic and all about missionary life and Preach My Gospel! It's happening in a few weeks so I'll let you know how it turns out! Also I just love the Bey's, they are like a second family for sure! Their girls remind me of my sister. :) Presh I know.
Then we went to the Huff's and watched the new Addiction Recovery Videos that the church made (and apparently our Bishop's son-in-law is the one who made them!) THEY ARE SO GOOD. Look them up and watch them. They are realllllly intense though. It was kind of like watching a horror film and made my heart hurt so much, because we are teaching and talk to people everyday who struggle with and live the lives of the people who are in those videos. It does give people so much hope to know that they can get out of those situations. 

Well my heart is full, and I just love being a missionary!
I love you all. Thanks for making life extraordinary and the most enjoyable!
Sister Loar

The Church is true. I promise.

Moo Creamery!

Monday, September 14, 2015


HELLO! :) First off I'd just like to say, THANK YOU to everyone who has sent me happy birthday wishes today and for all of the love and support and prayers! I just feel so loved! Thank you!!!!!! :) xoxo

This week was probably the best week we've had while I've been here in Highland Manor ward! NO JOKE! Also sad day, I don't have ANY time left, so you will get a VERY condensed version of all of the awesome miracles this week! Here goes! ---->

Monday-- We had a church tour with Sholanda and Sister McMullin came! It was brilliant and so amazing. I just love these two women! 

Tuesday--Had a great lesson and church tour with Tim and the elders. We tried to pass him off to them because we feel they will connect with him better! It was kind of awkward cause we didn't really figure out who is going to teach him for sure, since we left it up to him to decide. Anyhow, it was really awesome being able to teach in such unity with three other missionaries! Heavenly Father is definitely in charge of this work! 

Success that night during splits! Sister Hillhouse came with us to a part member families home and it worked out so well! They connected really well!

Wednesday-- We talked to this lady for an hour and told her what church we were from, mentioned the Book of Mormon multiple times and at the end she still thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses... Come on people! haha ;) We did connect well on her awesome plants.. you would be proud mom :)

That night-- MIRACLE-- We taught Kim a lesson and she became a new investigator and she said she would be willing to be baptized if she found out it was true! THIS WAS A MIRACLE because the whole time her daughter was crazy and we were just talking to her outside on her porch and it was the shortest restoration lesson I've ever taught, but both, Sister Long and I felt like the spirit was working through us! It was one of the most memorable teaching opportunities. We were teaching with such unity and power it was amazing! Definitely the Lord's hand in His work!

Thursday-- Had a short lesson with Sholanda again and it went really well! :) She said she really wanted to come to church! We were hopeful!!

Had dinner with Sister Rush--> SHE MAKES THE BEST RICE LASAGNA! It's magical.

Friday-- We had exchanges with the Monica Sisters! I went with Sister Larsen and it went pretty well! We weren't able to find anyone SUPER interested in what we had to say, but it still was pretty awesome. We talked to Yolanda for like an hour about the church and the Restoration and she is really good friends with members from our ward! Her girls grew up with their kids and one went to girls camp, so she had some great things to say about the members of the church! :) So at the end of a powerful lesson on her doorstep we asked her if she would read the Book of Mormon to find out if it is all true, and she said NO! :( It was heartbreaking... so close, but so far away. 

We had a lesson with Trevor that night, it was long and kind of confusing. We aren't sure where he's at on things.. but hopefully he'll start exercising his faith and start to try to find out for himself if this is true!!! I got crazy and started drawing timelines and charts to help him understand some things he was misunderstanding.

Saturday-- We went to go contact someone and ended up talking to their neighbor! At first they were not interested but then we just started talking with them about their interests and families and then we taught the Restoration and Michael is TOTALLY interested and took a Book of Mormon to find out if its all true! He's really searching for more in his life! It was the coolest thing! Being in the right place at the right time, is the best way to go :)

Sunday-- We walked with Windy to church!!!! :) It was so awesome!!!!!

:) SHE IS A TRIP!!!! I love that woman. She is my new favorite human. I just can't even handle it. I just love her!

Some huge grapes from the local gigantor farms here!  :)

 We had a lesson later that night with her and Courtney (PS we had some lessons with Courtney this week and she is awesome but we had to pass her off to the Young Single Adult Sister Missionaries because she is super solid, and the YSA ward will be the best thing for her to progress!). It was the best lesson! We read 3 Nephi 11 with them, talked about Priesthood authority to baptize and how Christ says how to baptize correctly! Windy loved it and we set her with a baptismal date of October 10th! Pray she makes it!!! :) Her and Courtney could be baptized the same day! :)

And that is how our week went in a nutshell.
Love you all so much!
Heavenly Father is SO aware and interested in all of our lives and what we are doing! I love this work and this gospel! It's SO URGENT! Please share this message with all of your friends and also do the little things everyday to be strong! WE NEED TO READ AND PRAY ERRYDAY! :)
Love you all so much!
Have the best week ever!!!
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! It's been the best 21st birthday I could ask for!! LOVE YOU ALL!
Sister Loar

Found this couch on our morning jont
and stood on it.....because thats what you do on couches?

A member from Sister Long's last area gave us some TP-- something we always need :)

Monday, September 7, 2015



Monday-- We took the newbs out! :) We took out the new missionaries, the freshest from the MTC out knocking doors for their first time! The Sister I went with was super scared, BUT.. Miracles! The first door we knocked on was super interested and SUPER nice! So basically we taught her the Restoration and she is solid. Too bad it wasn't in our area, so I'm not sure what's going to happen with her! We gave the elders in that area that information, so we shall see!

We had dinner at the Haner's house! They are the cutest family and they just joined the church 5 years ago. They were really involved in another church, but they kept receiving answers to go to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. While sitting outside at a table on their porch eating dinner, they told us about their conversion story and then we started singing primary songs with them and their four kids, and I can't do justice in explaining the way I was feeling. The spirit was so overwhelming. Just knowing that 5 years ago this family didn't even know that their family could be sealed together for eternity, and now they are. It was just the happiest of moments and right then, life just slowed down for a minute. I could feel God's love for me and I knew He was aware of who I was and who this amazing family was. I feel like THAT is what heaven will be like.

Tuesday-- We had a lesson planned with Brother Lindley to come with us to Tim's. Tim cancelled like fifteen minutes before the lesson, and Brother Lindley rescheduled his whole day to come with us. Pretty disappointing, but leave it to Brother Lindley to make our day! He treated us to lunch at Chipotle and it was just hilarious. He told us some pretty dang funny stories from his mission and also he is just the most hilarious human so it was entertaining.

We went to the church that night for going out to visit the less active members and try to find people we haven't met before! Lots of people came so it was a success!! I went out with Sister Despain and it was so great! We had some pretty great contacts and talked to some pretty nice people. :) Also Sister Despain is so great, I just love her.

Wednesday-- We went to Mission Leadership Council (MLC) in Tehachapi and that was exactly what I needed. I was able to get new ideas of how to work better with our sisters and show them love and build trust with them. I also just love going up to Tehachapi. Crazy to think it's been exactly a year almost since I first was sent there to be with Sister Kay! :) Time sure flies.

So remember Eric, the Native American guy from a couple of weeks ago? And how we met Clarissa, his fiance last week? Well, this week we knocked on their door again, to try and catch the both of them and met, yet another roommate- Trevor! He is pretty dang awesome and said he'll come to church this coming Sunday! He worked this Sunday, so he didn't come. We have a lesson with him set up for Thursday, so we are excited for that.

That night we went to the Mayfield's with Brother Haney and taught the Plan of Salvation. It went so well! I just love that family. They didn't come to church, so we were pretty bummed, but we will help them come this week.

Thursday-- We taught this lady named Jasmine, she is pretty awesome! I actually taught her a lesson with Sister Dodson when I came on exchanges here a couple of months ago! :) Sadly, Jasmine is not interested.. after trying to teach a lesson with twin 3 year old boys going psycho, she said she didn't want to waste our time, but that she loves when we come over. Sad day! We just want people to get this gospel! IT WILL BLESS YOUR LIVES! I just want to tell people, to sit down. Listen up. This is going to change your life, if you let it, so let it.

We taught Tim a lesson, last minute. But it turned out well! Taught him the Plan of Salvation as well, and he seemed to understand it pretty well. He's not really keeping his commitments, so we are trying to work with him on that.

Friday-- Zone Training Meeting went really well! I didn't have to do any training, it was kind of nice to sit back and listen to everything and not be nervous about anything. :) 

We prayed really hard to find a prepared family and we found Tammy and Tony! We were walking by their house and they were in their garage so we walked up to them and started a conversation with them. At first they weren't too interested, but we kept talking with them, which was totally easy. They are sooo nice and had awesome questions for us! We taught a tiny section of the Restoration and gave them a pamphlet and asked if we could come back. Tammy said, "I would love you to come back! I just love you girls!" :) YAY someone loves us! hahaha :) We're calling her tomorrow to set something up!

Saturday-- We watched Meet the Mormons finally with Tracy!!! :) Woot woot! We were able to teach her the Restoration as well. She's still not willing to commit to anything, BUT she did say she'll come to church this coming week. 

We knocked on a door, and started talking to a girl named Sophia. She's 16 and she invited us in because it was too hot outside. (The only good thing about the blazing heat of Bakersfield) She asked us some way good questions, but she is suuuuper catholic, so we shall see how it goes! I spilled my cup of water she gave me on their carpet and felt like idiot. Hahaha oops. After I cleaned it up awkwardly during the lesson, all was well and we have a return appointment this week with her. Wish us luck!

We ate dinner at Sister Nowak's and we didn't know this was happening, but when we got there, her sister-in-law Windy and her granddaughter, Courtney, were temporarily moving in! Appearantly Windy's name is really Linda. But in High School people called her Lindy.. and she's a wind surfer, so therefore, people call her Windy. :) So we helped them move some stuff into the apartment and then shared the message of the Restoration with them. It was awesome! We invited them to be baptized and Windy said she'll want to learn more and she'll just listen, but Courtney said she would! So we set a date of October 10th with her and she is way stoked!

Sunday-- No one came to church... but it was still a good day!
Brooke taught the Sunday School lesson and it was on missionary work. She did such a good job! :) After church Natalie Martin (a young woman) came out with us to go see some of the people we are teaching and it went really well! We just scheduled appointments with people because they were busy, but that, was a miracle in itself that we scheduled some appointments haha. Then we read some of the Book of Mormon with Courtney and Windy and it was perfect. :)

That night Sister Burdick went out with us and we visited someone who is having a really hard time in the ward right now. We showed a Mormon message about how Christ can lift our burdens. I bore my testimony of the reality of the Savior in our lives. I don't want to take of this name tag. I love wearing a name tag with my name and the Savior's right next to it. I love being His representative. I love doing His work. I love being a missionary. I love teaching people about this amazing gospel. I loooove love love testifying of Christ every single day of my life out here. Even though it can be disappointing, and people don't understand the change that can occur in their lives, and they don't keep commitments, being a missionary is so rewarding. 

But I, Nephi, have written what I have written, and I esteem it as of great worth, and especially unto my people. For I pray continually for them by day, and mine eyes water my pillow by night, because of them; and I cry unto my God in faith, and I know that he will hear my cry.
I know this is Christ's true church, and I know He loves us, and wants each of us to succeed.

God loves you all and so do I!
Have a good week! :)

Sister Loar

The Newbs! :) Aren't they so cute
snack last night after call-in's with the sisters... Nachos are always needed.