Monday, September 14, 2015


HELLO! :) First off I'd just like to say, THANK YOU to everyone who has sent me happy birthday wishes today and for all of the love and support and prayers! I just feel so loved! Thank you!!!!!! :) xoxo

This week was probably the best week we've had while I've been here in Highland Manor ward! NO JOKE! Also sad day, I don't have ANY time left, so you will get a VERY condensed version of all of the awesome miracles this week! Here goes! ---->

Monday-- We had a church tour with Sholanda and Sister McMullin came! It was brilliant and so amazing. I just love these two women! 

Tuesday--Had a great lesson and church tour with Tim and the elders. We tried to pass him off to them because we feel they will connect with him better! It was kind of awkward cause we didn't really figure out who is going to teach him for sure, since we left it up to him to decide. Anyhow, it was really awesome being able to teach in such unity with three other missionaries! Heavenly Father is definitely in charge of this work! 

Success that night during splits! Sister Hillhouse came with us to a part member families home and it worked out so well! They connected really well!

Wednesday-- We talked to this lady for an hour and told her what church we were from, mentioned the Book of Mormon multiple times and at the end she still thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses... Come on people! haha ;) We did connect well on her awesome plants.. you would be proud mom :)

That night-- MIRACLE-- We taught Kim a lesson and she became a new investigator and she said she would be willing to be baptized if she found out it was true! THIS WAS A MIRACLE because the whole time her daughter was crazy and we were just talking to her outside on her porch and it was the shortest restoration lesson I've ever taught, but both, Sister Long and I felt like the spirit was working through us! It was one of the most memorable teaching opportunities. We were teaching with such unity and power it was amazing! Definitely the Lord's hand in His work!

Thursday-- Had a short lesson with Sholanda again and it went really well! :) She said she really wanted to come to church! We were hopeful!!

Had dinner with Sister Rush--> SHE MAKES THE BEST RICE LASAGNA! It's magical.

Friday-- We had exchanges with the Monica Sisters! I went with Sister Larsen and it went pretty well! We weren't able to find anyone SUPER interested in what we had to say, but it still was pretty awesome. We talked to Yolanda for like an hour about the church and the Restoration and she is really good friends with members from our ward! Her girls grew up with their kids and one went to girls camp, so she had some great things to say about the members of the church! :) So at the end of a powerful lesson on her doorstep we asked her if she would read the Book of Mormon to find out if it is all true, and she said NO! :( It was heartbreaking... so close, but so far away. 

We had a lesson with Trevor that night, it was long and kind of confusing. We aren't sure where he's at on things.. but hopefully he'll start exercising his faith and start to try to find out for himself if this is true!!! I got crazy and started drawing timelines and charts to help him understand some things he was misunderstanding.

Saturday-- We went to go contact someone and ended up talking to their neighbor! At first they were not interested but then we just started talking with them about their interests and families and then we taught the Restoration and Michael is TOTALLY interested and took a Book of Mormon to find out if its all true! He's really searching for more in his life! It was the coolest thing! Being in the right place at the right time, is the best way to go :)

Sunday-- We walked with Windy to church!!!! :) It was so awesome!!!!!

:) SHE IS A TRIP!!!! I love that woman. She is my new favorite human. I just can't even handle it. I just love her!

Some huge grapes from the local gigantor farms here!  :)

 We had a lesson later that night with her and Courtney (PS we had some lessons with Courtney this week and she is awesome but we had to pass her off to the Young Single Adult Sister Missionaries because she is super solid, and the YSA ward will be the best thing for her to progress!). It was the best lesson! We read 3 Nephi 11 with them, talked about Priesthood authority to baptize and how Christ says how to baptize correctly! Windy loved it and we set her with a baptismal date of October 10th! Pray she makes it!!! :) Her and Courtney could be baptized the same day! :)

And that is how our week went in a nutshell.
Love you all so much!
Heavenly Father is SO aware and interested in all of our lives and what we are doing! I love this work and this gospel! It's SO URGENT! Please share this message with all of your friends and also do the little things everyday to be strong! WE NEED TO READ AND PRAY ERRYDAY! :)
Love you all so much!
Have the best week ever!!!
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! It's been the best 21st birthday I could ask for!! LOVE YOU ALL!
Sister Loar

Found this couch on our morning jont
and stood on it.....because thats what you do on couches?

A member from Sister Long's last area gave us some TP-- something we always need :)

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