Monday, September 28, 2015


Well hello everyone! Another week has come and gone, and it was a great one. :)

Monday-- We started our week with Sister Rudd and Sister Bey and got our nails done! :) It was so fun getting pedicures with them! I'll forward some pictures!

We ate at the Livingston's that night, and we just love them. Heavy black heart Sister Livingston told us about one of her neighbors that just moved in and that we should go meet her. She said she was super nice and that her name was Jenny! So we planned to go see her later that week, since we didn't have time that day. We then went to Sister Nowak's to help her bag everything up in her house to get ready for the pest control people to spray for termites.. So that was interesting. After that we had a lesson at the Mayfield's with Samantha and it went really well! :) They are such an awesome family. 

Tuesday-- The Shelton's (a senior missionary couple) came and inspected our apartments and then they surprised us and took us out for lunch to Chipotle! Yay! :) We are spoiled. It's the best.

We went on splits that night and saw the White family. Their kids aren't baptized and they haven't been to church in forever. We taught them about the Book of Mormon, watched an awesome Mormon Message about it and committed them to read the Book of Mormon as a family. We will follow up this week and see how that's going for them!

Wednesday-- Usually Sister Shimmin comes out with us, but she couldn't because she needed to clean up around her house. So we offered to come to service for her, since she always comes out with us! It was good to do some service and help her out :) They have a bunch of nut crackers from around the world that they collect and it was fun dusting all of them. They are such a good family! They live up in the foothills past the oil fields and so there was lots of dust from all dirt around their little abode.

We went to the Bey's for dinner and that's always a joy! :) Love them! We had bread bowls so it reminded me of home for sure! 

Thursday-- We had an awesome lesson with Sholanda about the Plan of Salvation and she seemed to really understand it well! Before we even asked her she said she was going to come to church!! :) yayyyy! Go Sholanda!!

Then we stopped by Brooke's dad's house, who is a less active member in the ward, and set up another time to go see them that week, since it wasn't a good time right then. So obviously we had to go tell Brooke about it! Haha anything to go see our besties! We talked with Brooke for a little bit, and that was so good. I just love her and Cody, they are the best!

Friday-- We had exchanges with the Laurelglen sisters and I went with Sister Laming and had a great time with her! She's such a good sister and she's from Michigan, so that was fun!

We had a great lesson with Kim and Mila! Sister Huff came with us and it was the best! We taught the Plan of Salvation and read out of the Book of Mormon. Drea, Sister Huff's littlest daughter, and Mila are best friends now! So presh. :) That night we talked to a couple outside for like an hour! They are sooo awesome, but not interested in finding out if what we teach is true.. It was sad. They are SO close! SO close, but not willing to find out. 

We went to the Olsen's that night for a lesson! We talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon and Sister Olsen and I decided we are going to make a movie about the Book of Mormon.. it's official. So get ready for a block buster to come out! ;)

Saturday-- We did the missionary moment at the Zone Leaders baptism and it was such a special opportunity. The spirit was so strong! A mom and a daughter got baptized! So amazing! We went to help Monica sisters find some new investigators in their area, and we think it helped a little bit!! :) Then we had dinner at the one and only Sister Smith's and then went to the General Women's Session of General Conference! IT WAS SO GOOD! I just love listening to the leaders of the church and their inspired words. Elder Uchtdorf's talk really touched me as well as Linda S. Reeve's. The importance of being a consecrated and dedicated disciple really stood out to me. We can't be casual disciples of Jesus Christ! We need to stand for what we believe in and choose to follow the Savior.

Sunday-- Church was so good! AND GUESS WHO CAME TO CHURCH!! :) Brother Mayfield and little Cydn

ey Mayfield! (She's four and she is Samantha's little sister). Samantha didn't come so we just went to Primary with Cyd and it was the cutest thing. SHE LOVED IT! She's going to be the way that we will get this family back to church! :) No one else came, but it's alright, there is always next week!

We found a couple of new people to teach that night, including JENNY! Sister Livingston's new neighbor and friend! :) She is awesome and we are meeting with her later this week.

Great things are happening! :)

So, basically, I cannot express my excitement and anticipation for General Conference this next weekend. Literally have had a count down for the last good bit. :) I set a goal to re-read all of last conference's talks and to finish the Book of Mormon by Saturday! I'm well on my way to that and it has definitely helped me prepare for it. I'm so excited to hear what the Prophet, Thomas S. Monson has to say! Such amazing times we live in, where we can access the words of living prophets and apostles by a device in our hands!!! So amazing!!! I'm so grateful for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm so grateful for the love I feel as a share it with others. My heart is full and I'm excited for it to over flow with happiness as we watch Conference this weekend! Cool thing is that I know that I'll be watching it the same time all of you are watching it, along with 15 million other people around the globe! 

"The patterns and truths found in the Book of Mormon are clear and instructive, plain and precious. When we begin with righteousness and obedience, we will end with blessings and joy." -Bishop Gary E. Stevenson

Love you all so much!

Have the best week ever!
Sister Loar

There were snacks for the choir people after church! Yay for food hahaha swarms of humans.

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