Monday, February 23, 2015


Hello my favorites! :) This week went really well! 

We didn't have too many lessons at the beginning of the week, we contacted some people and tried to see some less actives which went pretty well!

Friday--we went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders-- they changed who are STL's are and they are now in Bear Valley, which is about four hours away. Back to Tehachapi it was! :) It was so crazy being near my old area again! We had a good time on exchanges with Sister Simmons and Sister Larsen and I learned a lot about being more diligent. I need to work on that, we always do, but it makes or break the work in an area. Bear Valley is really pretty! It was fun, I've never been up that way, it borders Golden Hills area but is a little community up in the mountains more. It's always good to see how the work is the same in whatever part of the world you go in :)

Saturday-- after exchanges we went to the Brunner's for lunch! The STL's said that Brother Brunner called them because he heard we were going to be up there and they set up a time and everything for us to go to there house! It was sooo good to see them and hear how everyone is doing in Golden Hills! So much progress is happening! I don't know if I've already told you but Robert Miller-- Charlotte's husband, the one we were trying to teach in Golden Hills when I was there is getting BAPTIZED!!! :) April 11th! I'm so excited, it was the greatest hearing about how he and everyone else is doing. So happy and excited for him! So wish I could be there for his baptism! 

After lunch and a short visit with them, we drove back to Bishop! It was good to be back in our area, I really missed it. I love this area so much! We had dinner at the Romero's, a family in the ward, not our recent converts, I know confusing haha. But that was hilarious. They have three crazy boys who like to talk to us about awesome science things hahaha it was great. Love them!

Sunday-- Was so great! :) I am just so grateful for this ward and the people in it! They are so amazing! After church we had some lunch and then we prayed REALLY hard to see some miracles. None of our investigators on less active people came to church, so we were going to go see them all and contact a referral we got from the elders as well. We went and found Bob! He has been MIA for the last two weeks and really shady not texting us back this last week. We knew he had been sick but we were worried. So we drove up the canyon to his house and it was snowing up there! And we found Bob and he is alive!! haha it was SO GOOD to finally talk with him again. He is still doing well. We taught him a short lesson about prophets and general conference coming up and just about how everything is going for him and what he is worried about. We have a lesson with him and his son planned for Tuesday and we are so excited for it! Back on track with Bob! He went and got a coat so that he wasn't freezing on the door step and he came out looking like Billy the Kid or a winter version of Indiana Jones. I think more like Billy the Kid though. 

Don't worry Bob's knife is rubber, no danger. hahaha

Then we went and had dinner with Sister Decker! A powerhouse woman in the ward! She is amazing! Such an awesome example and she converted to the gospel just a couple of years ago I think and she told us somethings that helped her. ANSWER TO PRAYERS-- we have been wondering how we can better help Bob and she helped! Then we contacted the referral which was so great! Her name is April, but she is moving really soon, so hopefully we will be able to help her move and plant some gospel seeds in their lives! :) Then we stopped by the Steedles! We had an awesome short lesson with them, we read the first chapter in the Book of Mormon with Andrew and he liked it, said he would read the second chapter and he did the closing prayer! SO GREAT! Progress, so much progress with that family. Sarah, the daughter who is 27 I think, sat in the lesson too! And followed along with us while we were reading! AH! I just love this family. So many miracles. They are going out of town this next week cause their son/ brother is coming home from the Navy for a bit, so we will meet with them when they come back. We are so happy for them! After that we then stopped by Mitch and Angie's and they are just the greatest. The lesson was on the Sabbath Day and how to keep it holy. It went really well and Mitch got his patriarchal blessing on Saturday! So awesome!!! :) Love love love it.

So many great things happen when we are obedient, diligent and have charity. I am trying so hard to have those things, and trying to be patient with my imperfect self. Things are going so well and I feel so blessed to be in this area with Sister Dodson and to have such wonderful friends and family supporting me from home. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Have an amazing week!

Sister Loar

 Just a casual lemon house on the 395. 

The only street light on this side of Bishop.......A New Scary Movie Cover

Giving elders a bag of junk food-- the usual happenings when
 we are given lots of stuff haha. 

Some adventures with Sister Dodson

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