Monday, February 2, 2015


Hello Everybody! :)

This week was super great! 
Transfers are this week, and Sister Dodson and I are staying in Bishop!! WOOP WOOP! :)

Tuesday-- We went and did service at the Care Center. We were helping in the activities room with the residents and they were doing this weird meditation Chi Quong thingy hahahaha it was the funniest thing of my life. We were meditating while rowing our kayaks through a river and breathing in and out hahaha. We didn't know what to do, so we were just pretending we were on Avatar the last air bender.

{So a couple of weeks ago Sister Dodson and I were praying to have meals with less active members so we could start helping them come back to church and get to know them.} 

Later that day we were contacting some less active members and one of them has a girlfriend who knows one of the members. We got a text from the member telling us that Shae-- the girlfriend was wondering if we were allowed to go over for dinner sometime! PRAYER ANSWERED! :) So legit, so we are waiting to see if she contacts us this week to eat with her!
We had an awesome lesson that night with the Romero family! We taught them how to do Family History and they were super stoked! They are the first members in their family so they have so much amazing work to do!

Wednesday--We did some service at City Hall! Then later that day we had dinner with the

Freeman's and we started talking about family history with them and they are coming to the church to do that this week and start on theirs too! Our hope is to get all of these recent converts and less actives involved with that so they can go to the work for their families at the temple soon!
We had an awesome lesson with Bob Luhan! He finally came to the conclusion that he needed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon to know if this is the true church! Yay! :) Then we had a good time playing basketball with some investigators and members! It was super fun!

Thursday--We had a good lesson at the Steedle's and we talked about who God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are and what their roles are in our lives and in the Plan of Happiness. He is such a smart kid, really stubborn-- knows that it is all true-- just doesn't want to get baptized. 
We had dinner at the Ginn's they are the funniest of families hahaha always so giggly when we eat with them! She made us cinnamon rolls, they were delightful! :)

Friday-- We contacted some less actives and found out that some have moved and then we went to Spanish class and had a good ole time with the ward there! Sister Dodson and I always quote Nacho Libre and then pretty soon we are crying laughing so hard in the back row.. probably not the most reverent, but it is a good time haha.

Saturday-- We contacted a neighbor of Sister Wilson's who's husband just passed away recently. We talked to her about the Plan of Salvation and she was so grateful we had stopped by! Gloria is the sweetest woman who has gone through so much, I feel so bad for her. But I know that she will find so much peace in this gospel!
We went to lunch at Mahagony Smoked Meats-- It is where Katie works so we saw her there and got some sandwiches as big as our faces :) Then we met Bob Luhan and the Rawlins and Mitch and Angie at the church and watched the full length Joseph Smith Movie. The spirit in the room was SO STRONG. Bob was really touched by it, and I know that he knows it is true. We all bore our testimonies afterwards and it was just an amazing spiritual experience. I'm so glad I had that confirmation of the Restoration and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.

Later we played some volleyball with the investigators and members again! It was great! :) Love all of them so much! 

Sunday-- Andrew and Noni Steedle came to church! It was so great! :) We ended up teaching the Youth Sunday School class and it was so awesome! Those kids have such strong testimonies and they are going to make the greatest little army of missionaries ever. :)
We went to a Trek fireside the Stake was putting on for the youth that will be able to go on the Trek this year. It was so good! We are so excited for Liea Romero!!! She seemed super excited to go on it so we were just the happiest for her! :)
Then we had a lesson with Mitch and Angie and they were making us cry we were laughing so hard!!! hahahaha I can't even begin to explain in words what all was said, but they just crack me up so much. 

I just love all of these people so much, I'm so grateful for the chance to be serving here in Bishop for the next 6 weeks! :)

Love you all so much! Hope you had an amazing week and that you will have another great one!
The church is true and the book is blue!

Sister Loar

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