Monday, January 26, 2015


This week was so great! 

I don't have much time but I will try to squeeze all of it in! :)

Monday-- We went on a tiny hike to Buttermilk Boulders! It was fun to get out and do something! We heard of this super awesome hike that we want to go on next Monday! :)

Tuesday-- We volunteered at the Care Center in Bishop and they needed us to make flower arrangements in vases for their tea party the next day! Sister Dodson and I had so much fun bonding over the flowers and reminiscing about her helping her grandma do flower arrangements like this and me helping my mother in the yard with flowers! :) We talked to Debbie a little bit about her concerns and how she is doing with Book of Mormon reading! She is doing so good. :) We then helped Sister Huntley- the Relief Society president in her yard, moving and stacking some of her ancient wood in her back yard... it was pretty disgusting, but we came out alive! ;) We ate dinner at the Freeman's, they are the nicest and most humble family ever. They are so sweet. We had a great lesson at the Romero's about the Word of Wisdom that night, and then we had another amazing lesson with Katie! We talked about the Restoration and the importance of the Book of Mormon and where it came from. Her daughter was listening in the other room and so we are super hopeful that we will be able to start teaching her whole family pretty soon!

Wednesday-- We helped Sister McLaughlin in her yard, she is recently widowed and had so many leaves! :) It was super fun! We taught a great lesson with Bob Shay about temples and family history, he was really excited to start doing more of that! We had planned to play basketball at the church that night, and we hadn't gotten a hold of any members to come play with us and our investigators, but miracles happen! It was such a fun time and it turned out to be the best thing ever! Bob Luhan and his son know Katie and her family through baseball and everyone played and had such a fun time! We have like an army of 10 year olds that come to all of these activities. Trying to get them to church is sometimes a struggle though haha ;)

Thursday-- We went to the Steedles for an awesome leson! We reviewed the Plan of Salvation with Andrew and he remembered almost everything! We taught the Restoration and totally understood the importance of the Priesthood and that is has been restored! Before we were finished explaining it he said, "so you can't just dunk someone in a bathtub and call it good with out the priesthood?" We were like YEAH! :) So stoked he understood it. We are working on helping him have a desire to be baptized. He wants to wait until he is 40 to do it cause that is when his mom did it.. so we will see how that plays out after we teach more about baptism!

Friday--We stopped by Sister Hart's, she hasn't been coming to church too much so we stopped by to meet her for the first time and get to know her! What a woman! She lives on the reservation and has a huge family that all live super close to her. She and her friend that was visiting from out of town invited us back over for dinner! It was good to get to know her :) We then went to Spanish class and had a good time! Always a good time!:)

Saturday-- We taught Bob Luhan and his son Landon the Plan of Salvation with the Restoration in the Earth Life part and he understood it and understood the restoration of the Priesthood! We asked him to be baptized and before Sister Dodson finished her sentence he said, "YES!" :) We were so happy! March 7th! Pray for him and his son that they will both be able to make that date! We had a great FHE lesson with the Romero's and then had a super fun time playing volleyball with everyone! So many people showed up it was crazy!

Sunday--OH THE MIRACLES! So many amazing things happened :) First Bob and Landon came to church! One of the talks in Sacrament Meeting was about Joseph Smith and answered all of Bob's concerns! He turned around after the talk and just gave us a thumbs up. :) Best thing ever! The Sunday School lesson was the same way! It was all just so great. We had an awesome dinner and lesson with Sister Wilson, Sister Johnson and her son Jamie who is home from his mission for a bit! It was great! 

Well I love this ward, this area, these people, and my life right now. The church is true. It is the same exact church that Jesus Christ's established when he lived! I am so grateful for it!
Thanks for all the love and support! I love you all!
Hope you have a fantastic week!!! 

Sister Loar

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