Monday, January 19, 2015


Hello! :)

Man oh man, the weeks are flying by!

Monday-- Same old P-day stuff, but Sister Dodson bought a helmet, and I bought a new bike tube since mine was flat>> So now we can ride our bikes! I'll attach a picture of the helmet, classic Sister Dodson haha :) We ate with Sister McLaughlin and she is just a doll. We love her! We had Family Home Evening at the Bishop's house with his family about the Plan of Salvation and it was super great! 

Tuesday-- We had to get TB shot test things at the Care Center so we could be cleared to volunteer there.. You know me and shots.. it was a struggle, but I made it out alive! Haha 
We went to dinner at the Daniels and they invited some people from the ward! We had a good time and a good lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are praying that the Daniel's hearts will be softened and that they will be willing to change, and Don will want to make the commitment to be baptized. Somehow, a miracle will happen and we will be able to start teaching him! After that we had a lesson at the Romero's and it was great! I love their family. After the lesson about Ammon serving the King and being able to share the gospel with him--we started talking of how we got our scars, and they had some hilarious stories haha! We were laughing pretty hard! 

Wednesday-- We did service at City Hall in the morning and then we had a great lesson with Bob Shay! He is doing so great! :) We tried to contact some other people, and we are hoping they will start to have a desire to listen to us. We had dinner that night with the Ginn family! They are so hilarious! They have little baby turtles, so we played with those for a little bit :) That night we dropped by Katie's, someone we are trying to teach, and we brought her a slice of cake and sang her happy birthday cause it was her birthday! She really loved that and was so touched that we stopped by! :)

Thursday-- We planned and then were riding our bikes to deliver something to someone and then we ran into Sister Spencer and her kids! We ended up eating at the Great Basin Bakery with them for lunch and it was super fun! :) Jake, her son is 4 and he is super cute and friendly! Ever time someone new walked into the bakery, he would go up to them and say, "Look its the MISSIONARIES! :)" And he would point to us and it was just the greatest hahaha we need to take him around more often. That night we had an awesome lesson with all of Sister Steedles family! We taught the Plan of Salvation and it went so well! The spirit was there, and it was just the greatest thing. We played a fun game afterward and had dinner with them. Hopefully her son, Andrew and mother-in-law, Debbie will commit to be baptized this week! After that we had the longest lesson of my life with Bob and Landon-- we are trying to help him realize that the Book of Mormon is the key to finding out if this is the true church. He is really impressed with all of the people and everything we do in the church, but he really needs to read and pray. We have faith he will find his answers!

Friday - We had district meeting and Sister Dodson and I did the training! It went really well. We rode our bikes all day so it was fun! The elders in the ward are starting a Spanish class and there was a great turn out! They want the member's to be able to communicate with their investigators at church so it was super fun and successful! :) I will be fluent by the end of my time here hahaha 

Saturday-- We helped with the primary activity and taught all the children how to cut out snowflakes! :) It was fun, loved it! Sister McLaughlin took us out to a Japanese place to eat and we got SUSHI! Best day ever! Sister Dodson and I were so happy :) She is the greatest. Right after that we got a text from Katie saying they were in the ER for her daughter who felt super sick! So we went and sat with her kids in the waiting room while she was with her daughter. She was super grateful! We asked if they wanted to go play volleyball with everyone while they waited and we walked with them to the church, since it wasnt too far away and played some volleyball! It was super fun and they really enjoyed it! :) Love spontaneous things like that!

Sunday-- Debbie and Andrew and Sister Steedle came to church!!! YAYAYAYYY BEST DAY EVER! :) So awesome we were so happy! And also Ron Romero, blessed the Sacrament for the first time! Such a happy day! 

Well life is wonderful! Love it so much! I'm having the best time, it is hard stuff, but the most rewarding to see these miracles and the Lord working in our lives and the people of Bishop's lives!

Hope you all have an amazing week! Love you all!!!!!

Sister Loar

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