Monday, January 5, 2015


Herro herro! It's a berry good day!

Welp this week was rough to start out but lots of miracles to end the week with! :)

Tuesday-- We had dinner at the Daniels, and Sister Daniels' husband is not a member. We weren't sure about what was going to happen or anything, because we haven't really gotten to know them at all! We found out that they used to house the missionaries that used to be here for YEARS. They have a little apartment that attaches to their house and they would have the missionaries over all of the time. After dinner they asked if we were going to share a lesson with them and so we decided to share the lesson of the Restoration. Let me just tell you all, that it was one of the most spiritual lessons in history! Brother Daniels definitely has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon already and he KNOWS the church is true! Direct quote from his mouth! He already KNOWS! So obviously Sister Dodson and I were so ecstatic inside and asked him why he hasn't been baptized and he said that he doesn't want to make promises he can't keep. {then he through his wife under the bus hahaha and told us that she still drinks coffee even though she knows she isn't supposed to-- and he said he would join if she was more committed, basically. Sister Daniels agreed and was not willing to commit to change at all!}. So we asked him if we could meet with him and teach him the missionary lessons, and he said NO! We were SO confused walking out of there, because it was so good! We didn't know what to do after finding out all of those amazing things! We were so perplexed about how to get back to their house and teach this man and show him that he is actually just so prepared for baptism.

New Year's Eve-- We helped this "crasssy lady" {Nacho voice} move out of her house. Let's just say the water after washing her walls was black, very black.. so yeah haha anyways that was an interesting experience. Haha everything worked out great, we salsa danced with the mops and are pros at cleaning now! After that we visited a few people and then we had to go in at 7pm, and then we just chilled in our apartment and we made some new year's resolutions and some goals!

New Year's Day-- We were invited over to Mitch and Angie's for lunch! She made a whole bunch of delicious Mexican grub and we ate our little hearts out! We played volleyball at the church with the Romero family and some of the members and the Elders! It was super fun and we feel like the ward members are really getting to know one another! 

Friday-- we tried to meet with a few people and set a couple of appointments and then we had dinner at the Sweet's! They live way out in the boonies but it was so much fun! We had a gigantor Nerf war in their house and then we compared it to 1 Nephi 15:24>> staying protected from the fiery darts of the adversary! :) 

Saturday-- We reevaluated the area and what we needed to do and to change to be the instruments that Heavenly Father needs in the Bishop ward and what the Ward needs to progress. We prayed really hard, studied the scriptures a lot and asked what we needed to do to help this area. We came up with the Bishop Plan of Happiness and made very good goals and lots of specific plans how to reach these goals! We decided we needed to be exactly obedient, have more faith, be more diligent, and humble. We tried our best to do everything we needed to, and it turned out to be SUCH a successful day, and it is definitely helping the work out so much!!!! We ended up having an amazing lesson with the Steedles (who we went over to for Christmas dinner) and Debbie sat in the lesson and we taught the Restoration of the Gospel and committed them to read and to come to church the next day! Then we had dinner with Sister Johnson and Sister Wilson! And then we went to the church and had FHE with the Romero's! We talked about building our foundation on the rock of Jesus Christ! And then we built some gingerbread houses because Sister Spencer had some extra stuff that she wanted to use and didn't get to before Christmas! :)
It turned out to be super fun!!!

Sunday-- We fasted and prayed really hard for the ward and us to get on the same page and voila! MIRACLES!!!! We got an Elder's Quorum President finally and that was such a blessing!!!! Lots of amazing things! The spirit was at church and the members are starting to set goals to live the gospel more diligently! :) yayayayayyyyyyy! So happy I was basically on the brink of tears flowing freely all day long! It was the happiest thing everrrr! And Sister Daniels said that she would stop drinking coffee so that her husband will be able to be baptized when he is ready to! :) Miracles!!!! And we have dinner scheduled with them again on the 13th! best thing ever!! :)

Well I can testify to you all that Heavenly Father hears our prayers, He knows our circumstances, and He knows what we need. We just have to realize that we need to be humble enough to accept the help from the Atonement of Jesus Christ in our lives to help change us; change us to be the people that God has created us to become. I know this is true, I've changed so much and I'm so grateful for the chastening that I've had to go through, the hard times I've had to experience so that I've been humbled as well. My eyes have been opened, and I know that we can receive personal revelation, to help us do what He wants us to! I love this gospel with all my heart! I'm so excited to be serving a mission and so grateful for these experiences.

Love you all so much!
Thanks for the love and support!! Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year!

Sister Loar


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