Monday, December 29, 2014


Hello my favorite humans ever!

This week was a crazy weird one, but probably the best one! I'm so glad I got to talk to the family on Christmas!! You guys are the best, and I'm so grateful for all of your love and support.

Monday-- We played some volleyball at the park with the Elders because it was like 65 degrees out! It was so nice!! 

Tuesday-- We did lots of service! We helped a guy named Scott (maintenance man at City Hall) rake his widowed mom's leaves and totally clear out her whole backyard! It was so awesome! It was like 70 degrees, so it was super weird to be sweating on Christmas Eve Eve. We then went over to help Sister Steedle's mother-in-law, Debbie, decorate some Jewish sugar cookies for her friends back east! haha it was funny seeing missionaries decorate menorahs and scrolls and Jewish stars haha ;) but it was super good to talk with her more! We talked a lot about her religious background and she totally feels comfortable with us missionaries. If we could get her daughter in law to church, we feel like Debbie would love coming!! So we are praying for miracles in that house to take place! Us missionaries put on a Christmas Eve Eve party at the church because the ward wasn't doing a Christmas party at all. We played volleyball and had treats and watched He is the Gift and it turned out to be super fun!! It was awesome! :) 

Wednesday-- We woke up and went and raked some more leaves at Scott's house this time and it really helped him out alot! He has a family of three kids and so we are looking forward to trying to teach them and bring them the restored gospel!!! We then went to a less active woman's house and did her dishes because the crazy woman is building her own shed out back and smashed her finger on some of the wood and can't do much now! We then went home and changed into proselyting stuff and taught Bob, a recent convert! We talked about the true meaning of Christmas and it was super great! He has one tooth and lives in a trailer park and he is the nicest man I've ever met. Then we went and ate dinner at Sister Johnson's house! She is so awesome, she is from Australia and has the sweetest accent. We had an awesome discussion about our testimonies of the gospel and how amazing this gospel really is. She is such a strong example! Love the woman! After that we caroled with the elders to a couple people and we ended with one of the elder's investigator families! The Santanas! I wish I got a picture of us there, they invited us in and fed us a million tacos and we sang them some caorls and it was just a great Christmas Eve Fiesta of love haha loved it so much!

Thursday-- Christmas! We woke up and opened presents! We moved our beds and had a sleep over in the front room to make it feel more magical haha. After that I got to talk to you champs! :)
Best thing ever. We went to eat at some less active member's for brunch, the Smiths. They just love us and we love them too! For Christmas dinner we went over to Sister Steedle's house and had a great time! She had invited their neighbors over and we had an amazing Christmas lesson and we asked if we could bring her a Book of Mormon this week and she said we are more than welcome to come ANYTIME! Yayayayayyy it was so awesome! Best Christmas dinner ever. After that we dropped off a present to Bob ( a bag for his books for church) and then we door bell ditched some other recent converts-- the Romero's, with a box full of presents and goodies and stockings in some ninja attire and it was the best thing ever! 

Friday- Sunday-- We had only a couple of lessons. We rode our bikes to conserve miles to a service project... raking leaves, haha and then the lady totally us that she didnt want us doing it in the cold! Her house was like miles away and it was freezing outside and so we just visited some people around there and came back hahaha it was an adventure. We had an awesome lesson with Bob and the Romero's this weekend, love them! :)

It was such a crazy week, and I can't believe it is basically 2015 now! I am so thrilled to be a missionary for the entire year of 2015! I am looking forward to the experiences and adventures that await! Stay strong, and do the little things. Love you all! Happy New Year! 

Sister Loar

The lady in the picture is Sister Johnson!

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