Monday, December 8, 2014


Hello Family and Friends! :)

So this week went well! 

Tuesday-- it was pouring rain! And all of our appointments cancelled or weren't was a rough day, but we ended up passing out a lot of He is the Gift pass along cards to a lot of the less active members of the ward so that is good! We also ended up helping Enzo and Nyssa decorate their Christmas tree for a little bit before we went to dinner with our new investigator! Porsha had us over for dinner and it was super fun to talk to her and get to know her more! I'm not sure how old she is but she is in her late 20's or 30's I think. We are meeting with her tonight as well, so we are pretty excited to start teaching her! :) We taught the Nelson's as well and are continuing to help them prepare for the temple and that is going really well.

Wednesday-- We went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders in Ridgecrest! They are doing exchanges differently now, so we both now go to the STL's area. It was fun going to a new area and teaching new people! We taught one of their investigator's named Sundown. She is so awesome! I hope someday I can serve in Ridgecrest and go back to see her haha. She was great!

Thursday-- We finished up with exchanges and drove back to the mountains! We planned for most of the rest of the day and then went to see a former investigator named Andrea! She has some concerns and we talked about them with her and I think it went pretty well! We are meeting with her again this coming Thursday, so hopefully it goes well.

Friday-- We drove down to Bakersfield for Zone Training Meeting, which was awesome! I learned a lot and it pumped me up to continue to work hard and apply all that I learned! After coming back to Golden Hills, we taught the Restoration to Alissa, we are trying to decide if she truly understands everything.. so it has been a little bit of a struggle to decide that. But all is well. We had dinner at the new Ward Mission Leader's house and it went really well! After that we went over to the Evan's and had a lesson with Jeff and his family. He is progressing well! Our lesson was the Restoration of the Gospel and the Book of Mormon and I could feel the spirit so strong. I was prompted to share how I received a testimony of Joseph Smith, and I could feel the Spirit so strong as I bore my testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I'm so grateful for the witness of the Holy Ghost in our lives. It gives us so much peace and direction in knowing what God wants us to know! 

Saturday-- We went to the Tehachapi Christmas Parade and handed out as many He is the Gift pass along cards as we could! It was super fun and kind of crazy with how many people were there! We stayed for the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony they do every year. It is super fun! We saw the Mason's our investigators there, so it was cool to see them! :) Loved it! Afterwards we taught Christian, and he was pretty up tight because he has stopped smoking for 2 whole weeks now!!! YAYYYY!:) It is so awesome to see him stop! But he is still really stubborn and won't really let us get into too much discussion about gospel things.. So we are still trying! Please pray for him and also his wife! 

Sunday-- Church was good, kind of rough. None of our investigators or less active families that we are working with showed up, when they all said they would come.. 
The Brunner's (our ward mission leader) gave us a popcorn maker thing so we have been eating pounds of popcorn these last 24 hours hahaha! The kettle corn is amazing. love it! We went to the Christmas Devotional at the church and that was so good! I loved all of the talks and the spirit was so strong while  the choir sang those songs!! So amazing!

Well I hope you all had an amazing week and will have a great one this coming week as well! Love you all and thanks so much for the support and love! :) The church is true! I promise!
Sister Loar

Kohnen's Bakery is our new favorite place! Love it so much! 

Sister Kay wrote a sweet little note to all of the German Bakery goers of Tehachapi. That sly dog ;)

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