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On P-day we got to learn how to play pool! Handy skills to have!

This week lots of people weren't home, because of the holiday, but we did see some awesome miracles!

Tuesday-- We went on exchanges with the Brimhall sisters and they are the best! I went with Sister Nielson and we were able to teach a few lessons to people in her area and ours! We contacted this girl named Emma Franklin, she was a former investigator in our area. She got hit by a car about 1 and 1/2 years ago and her left leg is paralyzed, so she is in a wheelchair. She's 16 and super awesome and way interested and involved in religion! She is in a leadership program thing at her non-denominational christian church, so she wasn't too interested in learning too much more about ours. She said she would love to talk about questions if she ever had any! So we said we would text her the next time we were nearby to see if she wanted to talk more. I honestly didn't think it would go anywhere, because of how the conversation went.. so I didn't think too much of it.

That night I got THE best package from the family!!! Fourth of July was never so great! Haha thank you family! :)

The package!
Jesus sandals!!!!

Wednesday-- We had MLC! And we celebrated the 2 year birthday of the California Bakersfield Mission! We are making history! :) It was awesome.

Thursday-- We went to lunch with the Reed's at this super cool place called Pizza Rev! (Dad look it up, it is pretty awesome!)

It seemed like everyone we talked to that day was from Canada. Appropriate, since Canada day was the day before! Haha :)

Friday-- We did a training at ZTM and also we went back and talked to someone we had briefly met and it wasn't a good time for them at the time, a couple of weeks ago. We talked to the husband and he was super nice! Their names are Mike and Christina and we have an appointment with them this Friday! Christina is super prego and due in a couple of weeks so we shall see what happens!

Saturday-- We went to the ward 4th of July pancake breakfast! It was fun! :) The Todd's came and helped and so did some other people! It was way awesome to see them there.


We didn't have much luck that day, but we got some pretty good tan lines from walking around trying to contact people all day! We had dinner at Bishop Porter's and his son had the CUTEST little puppy!

We had to go in early that night, and we were behind on planning, so we had a really boring 4th of July just planning and prepping for this week.

Sunday-- The Todd's came to church! And so did Jacob! We taught the Sunday School class because the teacher was out of town and I learned so much! It's funny how much more you learn when you have to teach something. :) THEN A MIRACLE---> During church we got a text from Emma Franklin saying, "Hey when can we meet?" Is this real life!?! :) So we texted her back and figured out when to meet her at the church and Sister Stancliffe came (she's the Young Women's president in the ward) and we gave her a church tour and taught the Plan of Salvation and Restoration from the pictures on the walls and just had a really, really good lesson with her! She had some concerns and questions about the things that were being taught in her church. She brought up some great things and we tried to help her see that the Priesthood, God's authority is only found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When I finished explaining the Book of Mormon to her (which I usually don't go as detailed as I did, because we lose people when there's too much detail.) I felt prompted to reiterate some of those things I had learned that morning when we taught Sunday School, not knowing why exactly, and right after I finished, she had this a-ha moment and thanked me for explaining that part of the Restoration! She has heard it a couple times before and always had a misconception of part of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, so it was super cool following that prompting and seeing the immediate result that it helped her understand things more clearly!!! :) Then she went on to tell us about her friend who goes to her other church and how she would feel awful for leaving her best friend alone at the other church, so she doesn't know if she could give that up and join ours. So we told her to invite her friend! SO SHE IS GOING TO INVITE HER TO THE NEXT LESSON AND SHE IS GOING TO GIVE HER A BOOK OF MORMON! MIRACLES.

The Herring's gave us left overs from 4th of July! hahaha :)

I am so grateful for Heavenly Father knowing each of our individual needs. I'm so grateful for this calling of being a missionary, an instrument in His hands to help those who are searching find the truth and to know about God's plan for them. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT WITH ALL MY HEART.

I sure hope this email made sense hahaha it's so hard putting these experiences in a couple of paragraphs! I wish I could bring all of you with me, or just wear a Go Pro camera so you can experience this all with me! (a-ha! That is a great idea... ;) )

Well I love you all so much.
Thanks for all the love and support!
I couldn't do this with out all of you!

Sister Loar

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