Monday, July 13, 2015


Hello my favorites! :)

This week was good---> 

Tuesday-- some of our sisters cancelled our exchanges due to health so we had to really follow the spirit with our plans cause we had double plans. We decided to go to Charles and Brittney's (some potential investigators) and we were able to have a lesson with them and they are totally interested!!! HOLLA! :) MIRACLES.

Wednesday-- We had a lesson with a less active lady named Melissa and her daughter is OBSESSED with Frozen and she is the cutest, chubbiest little red head and hilarious. She started singing Let it Go like super intensely and it was the best. So of course I couldn't let her do it alone.. so yes I ended up doing a choreographed dance and sang to Let it Go. :) 

Thursday-- We had an awesome lesson with Earlene! She is on track for getting baptized August 29th... just pray, pray, pray for her please that she makes it!

We had dinner at the Todd's! We read the last conference address from President Monson and it was really good! :) We are hoping she wants to be baptized soon so they can have an eternal family sooner than later!

Friday-- we had our last district meeting since Elder Cheney is going home this transfer! It was really good. We learned about Peter's conversion throughout some scripture references in the New Testament and it was just so awesome to see how he grew and became the amazing Apostle and leader of the church that he was. 

We knocked some houses around the Rodriguez's house to kill time before we had dinner with them and we talked to their neighbor.. who is very much anti-mormon... and it was just a dumb argument. Afterwards, even though I was angry that he just doesn't understand things... It helped strengthen my testimony and my faith that, I KNOW THE CHURCH IS TRUE. And no one or anything can change that. Heavenly Father has answered my prayers about if the Book of Mormon is true and if our prophet today is really His prophet and I can't deny it. The miracles we see and the spirit I feel, will not allow me to deny that I know it's all true. The whole enchilada. :)

Saturday-- We talked to Justin, this guy who is in his 20's and he is Jewish. He had some GOOD questions and we said we would do our homework and he was stoked for us to come back and give him some answers. I LOVE LEARNING. So fun learning more about this awesome gospel!

Happy 7-11 day!

Free slurpees at 7-11!

Sunday-- EMMA AND HER FRIEND MADISON CAME TO CHURCH!!! We taught Emma and her after church and some young women and some leaders were there and it was the biggest group I've ever taught a discussion to, but it was so good! We talked about the Restoration and I'm just a little passionate about it hahaha I feel like people get a little annoyed with how much I love talking about the Great Apostasy and the Restoration and how amazing it is!! Man, I love this gospel. It's just soooo good.

We had dinner at the McMurtrey's and it was so awesome. They had family in town and it reminded me of my family! Haha it was so awesome, kids were burping and people were laughing and there was just so much joy. :) hahaha we've been asked by Bishop Porter to share in our dinner messages with the members, more about the Sabbath Day and how to keep it holy. I've been reading this article to everyone, along with parts of Elder Nelson's talk-- The Sabbath is a Delight. The article I've read has changed the way I look at the Sabbath Day. It's truly a gift to us from God and a time to slow down and remember our Savior.

here's the article!

I love you all so much! Hope you have an awesome week!
Sister Loar

I'm half doe half buck... I'm a duck!


Someone had this cool sign on their porch! The plan of salvation! 

The Newman's (my favorites) took us out to eat! yum! :)

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