Monday, July 20, 2015


Hello hello!
Welp-- I'm out of time and this week has lots of news and change and all kinds of good in it so I'll do my best to sum it up real quick!

P-Day - Last Week!!  We wanted our almond milk real bad......
so we had to reach for the last one on the shelf.

Mickey Mouse waffles for dinner at the Kraucyk's!!!

Tuesday people just kept texting and calling us telling us they had stuff for us?  This is what we collected and came home with that day!  :)  The best!!

We ate a lot of grapes :)

Tuesday-- We had Zone Conference and it was really good! We learned about how to become more consecrated missionaries-- I definitely needed it. We then had a lesson with Charles & Brittney! They are doing well, the gospel and everything about God is super new to them, so we were just answering their questions and Brother Noall came with us! It was great. They are still interested, just work on Sundays for the rest of the month-- next month they will come! Earlene's family came into town a week early, so she cancelled the appointment we had with her.

Wednesday-- We went on exchanges with Sister Fuatia and Sister Simmons! We did a shorter one, so they just went home in the same day they came! After that we met Emma at the church! We taught the Plan of Salvation and we drew it out on a big board for her and it was soooo much fun teaching her because she is SO eager to learn!!! :) SHE JUST GETS IT.

Thursday&Friday-- We did a service project helping out at Cal State University Bakersfield (CSUB) making the beds in the dorms for the athletes coming into the country that are participating in the Special Olympics in LA next week! It was super fun! :) Sister Himle came too and we had a great time. I just love that woman!

We went to Sister Nelson's and helped her dig out some trees and then shine her silver tea set! It was super fun! She's such an amazing lady.

Emma texted us and asked us if she could meet and get the Doctrine and Covenants from us! Um, yes! Of course! :) So we met with her and talked to her for a little bit, this girl is on FIIIRE! :)

Saturday-- We got transfer calls-- Sister Hirschi and I are both leaving! :( We were so sad.) We did not expect that to happen at all. We really thought we would stay for one more transfer together in Stockdale. So many good things are happening in this area and we've seen so many miracles with all these people! I LOVE THIS AREA SO MUCH. AND I LOVE THESE PEOPLE LIKE THEY ARE MY OWN KIN. It's going to be so hard leaving this blessed land! I'm being transferred to Highland Manor ward in North Bakersfield still as an Sister Training Leader and Sister Hirschi is going to Palmdale for her last 6 weeks.  

After we got those calls we drove around like mad women trying to talk to all of our investigators and members and letting them know that 2 new sisters will be coming in. The transition is so hard, so we sure hope it all works out and that no one falls through the cracks. Goodbyes are always so awful. I just keep telling myself these are "see ya laters" not goodbyes!

We went to dinner at the Bliss's that night and when we sat down to share a message on the Sabbath Day, we heard some scurrying in the curtains in the window behind us. When I turned around (expecting to see a cat), THERE WAS A SQUIRREL IN THEIR HOUSE!!!!! hahahahahaha I just died laughing and Sister Hirschi jumped on the couch and then the squirrel ran under the couch and we were freaking out! hahaha for the next half hour we were all chasing this squirrel trying to capture it and put it outside! We had no idea how the squirrel got in there and we ended up coercing it out the dryer vent in the laundry room to the outside world! Hahaha the best. SO-- analogy! As we are trying to keep the Sabbath Day holy, don't let the world distract you with the everyday squirrels that come into our lives! Just like the dog, Doug, off of the movie UP, we can't let ourselves.. SQUIRREL!..  get preoccupied with chasing the squirrels in life. :)

We went to Dewar's with the Mortensen's and the Newman's! Such good ice cream and company!

I got a balloon at Dewar's and it thunderstormed!!

Jumping in the puddles when we got home that night :)  It was so fun!!!

Sunday-- Emma came to church! :) She is so awesome and so solid. Her mom is giving her a lot of resistance and trying to convince her not to come and continue to learn. Emma is staying sooo strong though! We told her about Meet the Mormons movie on netflix and she texted us that afternoon and said she watched it! 

We spent the rest of the day saying goodbyes.......    The Horror.    I hate goodbyes!
Tonight we are watching the Restoration movie at the Himle's with Emma and Jacob and some other members and investigators hopefully! It will be such a good day! :)
I'll let you know how it goes next week!

Hope you all have a good one!
This work is amazing! I know the Lord has a plan for me, and that He needs other sisters here in this ward. I love this gospel! Being a missionary is the best, even though the heartache and change is so hard.

Love you all!
Sister Loar
Saying Goodbyes 

Elizabeth, Jacob and Chris




Earlene <3

Porter's!    (the Bishop! He said he can't wait to meet my parents some day :))

The McMurtrey's

The Boss'


Sister Nelson!

A fraction of the Krauss's

P-Day today - We ran to the mission office this morning for our last run together!

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