Monday, April 27, 2015



Well here goes!--->

Monday-- We went up to Mammoth for an AWESOME last P-day with our district! So much fun! We got Dominos pizza for lunch and had a feast. It was great. Then we took the gondola up the mountain and then went to Convict Lake! It was awesome!

That night we took Angie with us to go see her friends she told us about! It was so much fun being with her, even though we could hardly understand what she was saying, since she was speaking Spanish haha. But we could follow along alright, and I could feel the spirit so strong as she bore her testimony to her friends!

Tuesday-Thursday-- Lots and lots of people cancelled our appointments.. but we were still able to see some people! We went to a little bit of Jr.'s band concert thingy that they invited us to! Champion of all saxophone players. And we talked to Rocio at the gas station where she works for about an hour and made some really good progress with her! :) 

The Brunners were driving through to go to Mammoth for vacation this weekend and they stopped and took us out to dinner! Love them! :)

Thursday night we got transfer calls.. well I did..
President called and asked if I would serve as a Sister Training Leader in Bakersfield, with Sister Herschi! I have been feeling like I was getting transferred a couple of weeks ago, so I've been praying for Heavenly Father to soften my heart and to make it ready to leave this wonderful place I've grown to love so much. It helped a lot to have been prepared to receive the call to serve in another area. I really feel this new area is where the Lord needs me, even though it is really hard to say goodbye to Bishop, CA and the people here!

Friday-- We were super busy getting everything ready for Meet the Mormons that night!
It all went well, but not as many people came as we were hoping.. but it's okay because we had about 5 people who came that weren't members! :) 

Saturday-- We had a good lesson with Perla and her girls! They still want to learn so things are going well! Sister Pierce invited us to drive down with her to Stake Conference this weekend. Sister Luddington and I stayed in the Sister's apartment there so it all worked out. 2.5 hours away is a ways to go for meetings! But it was a good experience and a wonderful conference. The spirit was super strong and I learned a lot of things! We made a new friend too on Sunday. His name was Noah! He sat next to us and was the most reverent of 5 year olds I ever did meet. So I gave him a CTR ring! He was so sweet and asked if it was for him to keep, and when I said ofcourse, he was like "That's AWESOME!" haha he was so cute!

Sunday-- Was a whole lot of goodbyes.

 I'm so sad to leave this place and these people! I will miss Bishop and the experiences I've had here! I'm so grateful to have served in this ward and I'm so grateful I've grown so much from it!

I'm going to miss Sister Luddington so much! We have become the best of friends. 

Love you all so much! Here is a week full of LOTS and lots of change.

Here we go!

Sister Loar

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