Monday, May 4, 2015


Hey everyone! I have like no time left... so this is going to be a lame email.

This week has been great! It was soooo sad leaving Bishop. SO SAD. I miss that beloved place more than I thought. So many people there that I just love so much!

Goodbye to Sister Luddington

Stockdale-- is my new area/ward! 
It is HUGE compared to Bishop. I'm pretty sure I'm experiencing some culture shock this week, especially after going to church yesterday and the whole chapel being filled. It was overwhelming to say the least. But, they are all such wonderful families and really strong in the gospel, so it is definitely refreshing! 

Lot's of successful people in this area, so lots of big houses and people who don't seem to "need" the gospel.. so we will keep searching for the prepared people, who are searching for it! :)

It's hit 95 to 100 degrees every day this week.. luckily there has been a slight breeze to lighten things up! Didn't think I would be so grateful for that breeze!

We are teaching a few people.. nothing too crazy or solid yet, but I'll keep you posted next week on how it all goes!

I got sick when I was packing up to come here, and have been struggling all week with a bad cough and I forgot my wallet in the Bishop sisters' car... so they are getting that to me this week, but in the mean time, Sister Himle has been taking care of me and totally brought me some medicine! Life saver!! Love her so much. She has been such a blessing and it's been so nice to see a somewhat familiar face!

As a Sister Training Leader, I am responsible to help encourage and inspire the other sisters. We are over 4 companionships, ONE OF THOSE BEING SISTER DODSON!!!!!! SO STOKED ABOUT LIFE! We will be able to go on exchanges together! :) Happy Day! We called to sing her happy birthday this week and I about died! I JUST LOVE HER! I've missed her dearly!

There is this less active guy in our ward here that has a small almond business! For service every week we put the almonds in little sample bags.. and we get to eat as many as we want! Holla :) We look like lunch ladies.

It has been a good week! Sister Hirschi is super nice and great! Sometimes hard to get her to loosen up, but things are going well! She loves to run, so that has made things way fun! We ran about 7 miles this morning, since we could do a longer run because its P-day!

Hope everyone has a good week!
Love you all SO much!

See you in less than a week on skype! :)

Sister Loar

 There was a street called Lords Ave.

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