Monday, May 25, 2015


Hey hey!

Well another week's come and gone! 

Some highlights from the week--->

Monday-- We played tennis as a district for P-day last week! :) It was fun.

It Rained Again!!!!!

We stopped by a less active family in the ward, the Moyes, and their daughter ended up doing her state and college project on Utah and BYU! haha so we helped out and then showed them some mormon messages. :) I really like their family, so hopefully we can help them come back and teach and baptize their children soon!

Elder Bruce A. Carlson of the Seventy came and spoke to us, as well as President and Sister Wilson ALL DAY. It was a dream come true! I loved every second of it. We learned SO many great things and just one of them was how we can better listen and observe while we teach people. It was so awesome! 

Wednesday-- We went on splits with the ward missionaries and had a good lesson with the Todd's. They are doing well.. just kind of on their own time.  Just meandering through life with tiny little changes here and there and the commitment is minimal. We tried setting a goal for baptism with Claudia, but she just didn't want to commit to anything. Things are going really well with them though over all. They have made a lot of progress, so it's great!

Thursday-- We went to take some dinner to a less active member that Sister Cook set up for us. Sister Cook showed up with some pizza and then the member wasn't home.. so we ended up having our own little pizza party at Sister Cook's! haha So a couple of weeks ago, we were talking (sister Hirschi and I) about how we just love pizza and no one ever feeds us pizza really... WE SPOKE TOO SOON hahaha we have been fed pizza 6 times in the last week and a half... Also we said that same thing about having breakfast for dinner... and then we have had that three times this week! I'm not meaning to complain at all because it is so awesome that people are so willing to feed us! Just a little overwhelming with so much pizza and breakfast. :)

We had a lesson with Ernie that day which went well.. but in the end he told us his concerns about coffee and then he went on to explain that he doesn't believe in Satan... so that detracted from the spirit and we weren't able to finish. Brother Hunter was going to go over there to help him yesterday night with everything, so hopefully it went over well! So I've learned so much about Ernie. He has a PhD and is a psychiatrist. He's done billions of studies and has traveled the world. He was on the team of people who discovered the structure of chromosomes!!! I am blown away by this man! He has a mind of GOLD! haha I'm so amazed at his accomplishments, it's quite amazing. I just know him as 84 year old Ernie though, so it is sometimes hard to understand his little grumpy and irrational bouts that he has. Anyways, he wrote a book on how he came to have a testimony of God and Jesus Christ and it is totally backed up with Science and such so I'm definitely going to read it when I go home. 

Friday-- I went on exchanges with the one and only SISTER DODSON!:) Holla! It was the best. I had such a good 24 hours with that woman. I love her to death! We found a former investigator named Sierra and she said she wants to learn more and that we could come back and teach her after we taught the Restoration on the side of the road to her! It was awesome. We went and saw some of the Garcia's neighbors and they were awesome! They let us right in and we were able to teach the Plan of Salvation. It was awesome. Hopefully we will have some success with them! They are such a nice family.

We didn't have a lesson planned at 8 (and we aren't supposed to tract in the dark at all) so we ended up meeting Sister Cook at Sonic for 1/2 off shakes with her grandkids and taught the Restoration at America's #1 drink stop. :) 

Saturday-- We stopped by one of Luke Krauss's (he's a boy in the ward) friend's house to try and talk to his family again. We tried a couple of weeks ago and talked to the mom and she was way nice! The mom wasn't home this time so we didn't get to teach any of them but a little 10 year old girl named Avery answered the door and told her brother's friend who walked in, "Go get Cooper. Tell him there are two nice young ladies here." hahaha and then she just left and the older brother came out confused.. so we told him who we were and that we would check back when his mom was home.

Sunday-- was such an awesome day! Church was so good and the spirit was so strong. The McMurtrey's son just got home this last week from his mission and gave his homecoming talk. It was awesome! The closing hymn was Families can Be Together Forever... probably the worst combination to make a missionary trunky! haha ;) We learned about the grace of our Savior and it was exactly what I needed. I am so grateful for a Savior who knows us perfectly and individually and knows where we are at, and who we can become.

I love this gospel more than anything. I love being a missionary. And I love all of you!

Love you long time!
Sister Loar

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