Monday, April 6, 2015


Happy Easter!!!!!

Hey hey!
What a week! It was so long but so great! :)

Monday-- we went hiking up the same trail as last week, but we went with the Romero's and the Fitt's and it was super fun! At one point we lost the trail and had to scale the mountain to get back to it! It was so entertaining hahaha :) We were EXHAUSTED afterwards... cause we had to run back to get back in time for dinner again... haha we are so smart, I know. ;)

Tuesday-- We ended up talking to ALOT of people! it was great! We did service at the Care Center and painted old ladies' nails! It was great :) We were walking around to different places and started talking to our neighbor who was moving out. His name was Berto and he is 20! He was pretty awesome! We just started talking to him and he asked us some questions about missionary life, and we talked to him about the Book of Mormon and how it can bless his life and he asked some pretty solid questions and we were able to leave him with a chapter to read and pray about and then a Restoration pamphlet as well! I just love being a missionary! Too bad he is moving..
Then we met Marshall Shay at the park--- pretty positive he was on drugs and he wasn't really committed at all.. so we will see how that goes.
We walked with Chris Jones to the church for a lesson and some pizza that Sister Whitman brought for us! It was a great lesson on the Restoration and we committed him to read and pray every day to find out if it's the truth! 

Wednesday--The Romero's invited us to join them at the park with them and Pops for some hamburgers, croquet and bean bag tossin'! It was super fun! :) 

Then we tried to contact a referral from a member in Bakersfield and saw a little boy named Wade riding his bike trying to transport his grandmother's bird bath on his bike. We pulled over and offered to help him and his little brother thought we were abducting him and it was just the funniest of situations. We ended up taking the bird bath in our car and followed him to where he needed to take it and he was so funny. It was just the most hilarious. Then we went to the Smith's for an AWESOME dinner and spiritual lesson! We watched the new Easter video-- THE BEST THING EVER-- at and it was so great. Some day they will come back, I know it. We just have to keep loving them!
Then we had an awesome lesson at the Steedle's about Easter! We then went to Mitch and Angie's and they had made enchiladas and made us eat so much food hahaha they could have rolled us out of there. I was full to the brim. But I just love them.
I was so full of food that day... so much food!

Thursday--We went to go see Rocio and she was home and we had THE best lesson with her! Her boyfriend she lives with was going to jail the next day... so we had an amazing lesson on repentance and just read in Alma 36 and it was really good. She was really touched and super stoked to keep reading and praying. Then Sister Himle came through Bishop again and took us out to eat and gave me the best Easter package from my family! So cool that it is such a small world! :)

Friday-- We went to ZTM in Lone Pine and that was good! We ate at Burger Barn afterward --- the best burgers you ever did taste.
Then we had a lesson with Chris and we walked over to the hcurch with him again and Sister McLaughlin came too. It turned out great and we shared the Plan of Salvation and hopefully were able to answer his questions. Chris is such an odd duck haha he cracks me up. He is in his 60's and just the smallest and skinniest little man who is obsessed with books. :) We asked him to be baptized and he said he would be willing to work towards it! So end of May is when we set his goal.
Saturday--Conference was great! Loved every little bit of it! It was so powerful and so good to hear from the prophets and apostles!! We are so blessed to have modern revelation and guidance from them!! :) 
We went to the Spencer's and colored easter eggs with them and she made us a wonderful early Easter dinner :) They are the best! That night we stopped to see Joe and his family (we met him last week) and we ended up meeting his wife and daughter and they are SO NICE! They said we could come back this week, so we definitely are. :)

Sunday-- We watched conference again at the church and then went to lunch at the Rawlins-- we brought Sister McLaughlin and Chris with us. It was a struggle getting Chris there.. he doesn't like coming out of his house... it is interesting. But anyways after an interesting lunch with him hacking up a lung in the bathroom during the meal hahaha we went to the afternoon session of conference. Man was that so good!!! I just am so obsessed with conference. It is the greatest!! :)
Then we went to dinner at the Steedle's for Easter dinner and it was so great! During dinner, Andrew announced that HE WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!! Prayers answered! MIRACLE! :) He came up with that decision all on his own! His dad was frustrated he didn't tell him before that so there was a little family dispute at the table.. It was basically an awkward scene from a movie.. I tried changing the subject.. and Chuck still was super angry.. but anyways it turned out great and it was a wonderful day! Happy happy happy! :)

Welp, I love you all! Thanks for all the love and support and letter, sorry I'm so awful and writing back! This week I will be better! :)

Love you!
Sister Loar

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