Monday, September 1, 2014

What a crazy week! :)‏

This week was great, and oh so crazy!

Monday we found out from the other set of sister missionaries that live near us and serve in a ward close by that one of them was going home the following day because of medical things and that we would be taking the other sister under our wings and now we are a tripanionship! We call ourselves the Sister Trio :) People dig it hahaha.

So Tuesday we moved all of our belongings into Sister Nemrow from New Mexico's apartment because it is bigger and we got a car back! Sad day saying bye to Sister Liljenquist-- it was hard for Sister Nemrow, but we love her and hopefully our love will heal the sadness of losing her companion! 

We locked our keys in the apartment the first time we shut the door-- thanks to me :) heehehe so Elder Billings got on the roof so that he could break into the apartment through the sliding door on our baby porch thingy. Funniest thing of my life hahaha! Love the Elders and sisters in my district!

The Great Key Rescue!!!

We helped out with the mutual activity and took Hannah Vickrey with us (she is an investigator and 16 and super cute) She doesn't like social things and isn't too keen on the church, but after that activity she enjoyed it and really opened up :)

We are starting to teach the New Member Lessons with the Vickrey's who have been baptized at member's homes. This week we went over to the Dalton's and it was a good experience! We are excited to continue helping the ward fellowship the Vickrey's as well as continue to help them strengthen their testimonies!

We ate dinner at Letty's on Friday! :) And we got to meet her husband finally! He isn't in any of the pictures but we did meet him and he is awesome! We taught the Restoration to them after eating THE BEST ENCHILADAS I HAVE EVER HAD(Sorry mom, but Virginia-- Letty's mother-- is from Mexico and she is an amazing cook) 

We also played some air hockey and a heated game of foosball.
During the lesson, Letty totally bore her testimony about why she was getting baptized and how she has received answers to her prayers. They went out of town for the long weekend so they weren't able to come to church this week, but they said next week, so we are super super super looking forward to that :)

We finally taught Free!  A 16 year old kid who has been to church a few times but we haven't been able to teach him officially yet! Before the lesson even started he asked when he could be baptized! This never happens hahaha we were all in shock but the happiest little humans you could ever see! He has planned to be baptized November 8th, so not for a while but now we have a goal to work towards and purpose to everything! It is such a blessing and a miracle. Happy day! :)

ALSO WE TAUGHT HANNAH AND ROB VICKREY (the dad) AND SET A BAPTISMAL DATE WITH THEM OF NOV. 15! Oh how joyous was that day! :) Hannah also came to church and wore a DRESS! (This is huge, she never wears dresses to church) It is amazing to see the countenances, attitudes, and everything change in a person because they give space for Jesus Christ to come into their lives!

Sunday is my favorite day of the week for sure. The spirit was so strong and it was just awesome to see families there together. I love this gospel more than anything. These last two months have changed my life forever. I can't wait to see what 16 more do. This church is the true church and I am so grateful to be a part of sharing it with the people of Cali. Love you all so much. Thanks for everything you do in your lives, keep doing what's right and being the best you can be :)

-Sister Loar 

I love her so much.

I might have a slight black eye from Elder Duckworth while playing basketball.  But it's fine.  Hahaha!!  But really it is fine, I just thought it was funny to tell you.

PSSS:  It' s not even a black eye.  It is a baby bruise on my cheek bone.   Hahahahaha!

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