Monday, September 8, 2014

Hello my favorites! :)‏

I can't believe another week has come and gone! Busy times are the best times :)

Monday-- Before going to FHE to teach a lesson with a couple families in the ward, we stopped by a family we have been trying to teach. They have the cutest kids and we ended up teaching them some primary songs to them and singing with them! It was by far a highlight of the week and I absolutely loved it more than anything.

Tuesday-- We were able to do some service for the Vickrey family and help her in the house with some things, which was great. We ate dinner with them and had a New Member Lesson with them at the Martin's (their next door neighbor) and it went well. We taught Letty and her husband later that night too. We dove right into the scriptures and talked about the story of Abinidi the prophet and the covenants we make at baptism found in Mosiah 18 in the Book of Mormon. It was a really good lesson about serving those around us and looking for ways to help. Letty is so solid and really looking forward to her baptism this coming Saturday! :)

Wednesday-- We went to this place called S.A.V.E.S. to volunteer for a couple of ours! We just filed some things for them and helped in the office- it was fun. :)
We had an awesome lesson with Lynn, a less active member who has been coming back to church and definitely so much more happier because of it! We talked about the temple and the blessing that come from preparing and going there for her and for her deceased family members. 

Thursday-- we had scripture study class and it was awesome! The Elders taught it and it was about how we can us the Atonement of Jesus Christ in our lives to help us through our trials and hard times that we have. Afterwards we gave Letty and her husband a tour of the church and it was really good! We had dinner at Sister Jaggi's-- she served her mission in Bolivia and has THE RADDEST stories ever. She shared just a few of them and the spirit was definitely there. She always talks about how she learned how much Heavenly Father loves His children on her mission and in turn how much He loves her. What a woman. I love her so much, as well as her cooking :)

Sister Loar and Sister Kurtz (MTC Companion)

Friday-- We went to Zone Training Meeting and it was really great! We learned lots about how we can have personal victories in our daily routine and focus on things we need to work on to be completely obedient. Those personal victories will then help us be able to have public victories like being able to reach more people and teach by the spirit. After that we helped set some tables and chairs up for a wedding reception this weekend for a girl in the ward! 
Friday we also did exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders! Sister Welch stayed with Sister Barney and I and Sister Nemrow went with Sister Lazarroto to their area. It was super fun! Sister Welch is amazing, and a really great missionary! I learned a lot and had some awesome experiences. She looks like Rapunzel from Tangled... She could be her. I swear. Haha

Sister Repunzel (Welch) and Sister Loar

Sisters Barney, Welch, and Loar

We got to do some service for some less active members and they took us out for lunch (mind it was just two hours before we had dinner scheduled) Right before heading to dinner, the Evans who were feeding us told us to meet them at Outback! hahaha so we had a lot to eat that day-- but who's complaining ;) it was great, I love the Evans!
After dinner we went and talked to Hannah, and we had a super great lesson with her! We talked to her about its definitely her choice if she wants to be happy. We have the answers and a perfect recipe of how to be happy in this life, she just needs to choose to accept it and act on that recipe! She is super stubborn and it was super hard for her to accept that. BUT SHE PRAYED AT THE END OF THE LESSON FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FRONT OF US AND IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER AND I AM JUST THE HAPPIEST PERSON BECAUSE OF IT. :)

Saturday-- we taught a few people before meeting the other sisters to exchange back to normal. We went to get some gas in the car and met this awesome and interesting man! He has a Saint Bernard dog and he works for Hollywood? Haha he was hilarious and had a little bun on top of his head and it was just the best ever. Letty had her baptismal interview and passed! :) YAY! We are so excited for her, she is just the best and so happy because of the life she has chosen! The baptism is at 5pm this Saturday, Sept. 13th and she is getting confirmed the 14th (BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER :)) and we are just ecstatic! We are combining the baptism with her mom because she wants to get baptized too! We are practicing a song to sing at the baptism, so hopefully it works out! :)
We taught Hannah while we curled her friends hair and helped them get all ready for the Stake or Regional dance that was that night! :) It was so awesome to see them so excited to go! One of the kids in the ward was taking them to the dance and they were really happy! They seemed to have fun when we talked to them about it!
We taught the Chans that night and it was great! :) They are awesome and I love them. We are really trying to get the ward to help out with fellowshipping them into the ward!
We stopped by at the wedding reception that we helped set the tables and chairs up for and it was the hardest thing not to bust a move and go crazy dancing! Probably the hardest temptation I have while on the mission-- not dancing when I hear good beats... oh boy definitely a big temptation! hahaha ;)

SUNDAY THE BEST DAY EVER-- Free came to church! And so did Letty and her husband! FREE BORE HIS TESTIMONY IN SACRAMENT MEETING AND IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER. He said that he feels like this is his home church and that he feels it is true! HOLLA! PAY DAY FOR THE MISSIONARIES TO HAVE HIM  DO THAT! :) Loved every second and the spirit was super strong. Also Lynn Brant stayed for all three hours and I just love her so much! The ward was soooo helpful today! They definitely welcomed everyone into the ward and it made all the difference. it was so awesome to see everyone step in and become friends with these new faces. Later that evening we went to "Shaved Ice @ the Martin's" which occurs every Sunday evening around 7 and they have a legit shaved ice machine and families from the ward come and enjoy each others company and its great! :) Some members brought Free,

and Hannah came and so did Letty and Alan her husband!! When the ward helps out like this, it makes missionary work go so much smoother and everything is hunky dory :)

Welp sorry I wrote a novel! Love you all so much and miss you all like crazy! :)

Hope you have a good one!
Sister Loar

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