Monday, October 13, 2014

10/6 - 10/12


This week was so great! SO MANY MIRACLES happened! Most were very very small, but they were answers to our prayers and we were able to see the Lord's hand in our lives as well as the lives of the people we met this week.

Monday-- We got to see Meet the Mormons with the rest of the missionaries in Bakersfield at a church building. It was such a good movie! PLEASE EVERYONE SEE IT & TAKE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. It was so impressive and I really enjoyed it :) After the film was over, our mission president said, "Don't we belong to such a great church?" By golly that is an understatement! We are so blessed to have the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ through out the world.

Tuesday-- We met with Cathy (we are meeting with her every day and reading the Book of Mormon with her!) She is doing awesome. We set a baptismal date with her and are super excited to see her progress! Sister Kay suggested that we walk around most of the day on Tuesday so that we could meet more people and talk to more people who were outside. MIRACLE! <<So we taught a friend of a member's a couple of weeks ago, and it didn't go too well because he was kind of getting into a Bible bash with us about some questions he had. We told him that we would need to start with the basics in order to answer his questions and that if he really wanted to find his answers we would definitely teach him. So we left our number and hoped he would someday call us back.>> So we were walking around on Tuesday and a car pulled over and waved us down, we couldn't remember the man so we started to talk to him and found out it was Jim the friend we had taught a couple of weeks ago! He said he saw us walking and thought he would invite us back to talk to him! It went alright and we are going to teach him this week, so we will see what happens! But seriously we wouldn't have been able to teach him again if we weren't walking around! Coincidence I think NOT! haha 

Wednesday-- We had a few good lessons with people! We had dinner at the Smith's house and their grandkids were there-- the cutest humans in the world. We taught a short lesson about the Plan of Salvation with cutouts and pictures and when we talked about how our families can be together forever, I taught the munchkins to say "forever" like Squintz in Sandlot..."FOREVER" hahaha it was hilarious. Don't worry mom and dad, I am teaching these children great life lessons :)

Thursday-- We did some planning and met with a guy who had talked to many different missionaries but they had never came back after he asked his crazy questions. Haha so Sister Kay and I- the conquerors- did some homework and studying and went back to his house and answered some of his questions.. We don't think he is very open to the answers he received though. So we will see if it goes anywhere.

Friday- We met with a family who are all members of the church as of 2 years ago besides the dad. His name is Jeff and is super funny! He finally started to read the Book of Mormon and we are meeting with them alot! We had another lesson with them on Sunday and it is going really well! This hasn't been happening recently so it was definitely a miracle he even read! :)

Saturday- We were so busy! Busiest day of our lives! Haha it was so awesome! We went over to Heather's house and she has two young kids. They are so great!!! We left a Book of Mormon with them the last time and they had been reading out of it! We taught the Restoration of the gospel and about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and the spirit was really strong! They said they would come to church this next week so we are praying that they do! We also taught a woman named Missy and her daughter Rosie! We talked about the Book of Mormon and it went really well. We have another appointment with them this week! Also, we were walking in a neighborhood and saw that someone was having a yard sale so we went to go talk to the people there. They were super nice and gave us some squash out of their garden! It was awesome. We also bought a million paper clips for a dollar... there are literally a million paperclips in the bag not even joking. So yeah now we have paper clips for the rest of our lives.. We will find a way to use them haha.

Sunday- Cathy and Jeff came to church! It was super awesome! She said it was interesting and said she felt good :) Cathy is so funny she cracks me up! She always tells us so many stories about her life, her neighbor's lives, her friends daughter's lives, hahaha it is the best thing ever. When she is surprised In her stories she always says "Whaaaaat!?" hahahahaha and it sounds just like the minions off of Despicable Me and it is the funniest thing of our lives. We love Cathy so much! hahaha! What a woman :)

Welp, sorry for the novel, but I love you all so much and hope you had an awesome week! :) The church is true, I promise.

Sister Loar

Pictures:  We are in Golden Hills... I guess they named this place that for a reason. 

And there was a fork in the road.... hahaha ...... literally a fork was in the road hahaha ;) 

And we went and got ice cream at this super good ice cream and candy shop in Bakes after Meet the Mormons. LOVE YOU ALL

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