Monday, October 27, 2014


Hello familia & friends!

This week was really great! We had lots of great experiences!!

Tuesday-- We had a lesson with Abel, he is 26 and told us he wanted to learn more when we knocked on his door last week! We had our neighbor with us, her name is Nyssa and a returned missionary. She was awesome in the lesson! She shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon, Alma 7:11-12. It's about the Atonement. We talked about the plan that our Heavenly Father has made for us and that the Atonement of Jesus Christ, (the sacrifice, suffering, death and resurrection of the Savior) is central to that plan. He had never heard these things before, but he told us he felt they were true. He prayed with us for the very first time in his life. It was a humbling experience to be a witness of a lost child of God, turning to His Father in simple prayer. I love being a missionary.

Wednesday-- We had a difficult lesson with an investigator. He said he wasn't interested afterwards and told us we didn't need to come back.. it is hard letting go of these people, because we know how happy and blessed their lives would be, if they only prayed to find the truth! We went and did some service for Cathy our investigator and it was great! Anytime we do service for her, no matter the time of day, she always, ALWAYS feeds us SO much food.  Ohhh how I love this life. That evening we were invited to decorate glitter pumpkins with the Young Women in the ward at Nyssa's apartment. It was super fun! I don't feel like I am 20... I feel like I should be 17 again with all of these girls! :) One of the girls is 13 and she reminds me of Maddie (tall, skinny, and a little spastic hahahaha) I love her so much!

Thursday-- We taught a lesson to Sister Miller in the ward and to Robert her husband who is not a member! We talked about the Book of Mormon and about the story of the vision of the Tree of Life! It was awesome and they both really liked it :) 

Friday-- We went to the chiropractor (a lady in the ward has an office down the street from our apartment and she does adjustments for the missionaries for freeeee! :) So we got our backs cracked a little and will probably go again soon haha) After District Meeting, we went to lunch with the Ramirez's! Nyssa and Enzo her husband are so awesome! They took us to a place called Blue Ginger PHO! You've had the noodle dream Po!!! Hahahaha Pho is a Vietnamese noodle dish and it is DELISH. We are currently obsessed with it and will go get some for lunch in a few minutes haha. We taught Jeff another investigator and he is progressing super well!! Doing awesome! We had a lesson with Cathy too and it went well!

Saturday-- We went over to Abel's and caught him at a good time! We talked to him about the Restoration of the gospel and invited him to be baptized on November 22nd! He said yes!! Wooohoooo!

Sunday-- Abel came to church!! :) He had to go to work, so he could only stay to take the Sacrament, but it was so awesome to have him there!! Jeff our investigator also came to church, so that was a great day! We had a fireside yesterday for the end of the 40 Day Fast that our ward was doing. Boy was that an awesome meeting! The spirit was so strong and we were all able to share the miracles that we were able to see throughout the last 40 days about sharing the gospel with those around us. The experiences were small but amazing! So awesome to see the ward so excited to share this wonderful message with their friends, family, co-workers and neighbors! :)

I am so grateful to be able to experience all of these things! This church is true! I love it with all of my heart and I know that it is true through the sweet witness of the Spirit. I know that our Heavenly Father loves each of His children, I know he answers our prayers and that by faith we can do all things! :) [Ether 12:6]

I love you all so much! I hope you had a good week!

Sister Loar

PS: It has gotten pretty chilly here in Tehachapi!:) this is our friend, Bartoch (bat from Anastasia) 

We also found an old creepy cemetery! :)

When we read the cemetery sign and it said 1858--- Sister Kay and I were like, WOAH that was only 14 years after Joseph Smith died!!!!!!!!!  Hahahahaha!!!  Only missionaries would think of that stuff.   Hahaha!!  Love Love Love being a dorky missionary.  The longer I have been out, the more I just want to be as awkwardly obedient and dorky as in totally being righteous and not caring what anyone thinks!!

PSS:  Letty's husband Allen was baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!      SO AWESOME!
I emailed Letty and told her that I would love to come back after my mission and go to their sealing in the temple and she was like, "We will wait for you!"  So that is what I will do!  I am going to come back and go to the temple with them after my mission is done!  You guys should come too! and you could meet them!!!!! Wouldn't that be so awesome? :) I am so excited. 

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