Monday, October 20, 2014


Hey-O family and friends! What a crazy week! I can't believe we are half way through the transfer already, crazy sauce I tell you, crazy sauce!

Welp we had some awesome lessons this week.

Missy-- she is a young mom with two daughters and is totally living a righteous life! She has all of the right ideas about everything, so teaching her is more like agreeing with what she already believes in! It's great! We have a lesson this coming week as well with her, so we are looking forward to that.

Christian-- His wife is a member of the church and he has been investigating the church for their entire marriage- 12 years - We had a good lesson with him and brought a sweet old man in the ward, Brother Beach who answered a lot of his questions. It was great. Christian came to church this week so that was awesome!

The Rohe's-- We have been teaching Christine, the wife a few times and her husband has just started to sit in on the lessons! They have lots and lots and lots of questions, which is great! But it sometimes makes things difficult. I'm learning to really rely on the spirit to help me understand how to answer the questions and I am trying my hardest at following the spirit and what Heavenly Father wants for this family know.

Cathy-- has been sick these last few days, so we are going to check on her tomorrow to see how she is doing. We got her a gigantor Book of Mormon because she is basically blind when reading anything... so hopefully that and her magnifying glass will help! 

We were trying to find a way we could include the ward in the missionary work more and I thought of "Boo"ing them! (You know the paper we sometimes get from the neighbors that says you have been booed! and then you have to take treats and the same sign to a couple other neighbors?) Well we decided to use this genius idea and put pass along cards in all of the bags of candy that we were booing the members with! So they could boo their neighbors and hopefully spread the gospel at the same time! We are hoping that it worked!

Also we had exchanges this week with the Sister Training Leaders. We met half way between our areas in a place called Jawbone...? hahaha if you blink you miss it. It's literally a truck stop and that is all. I stayed here in Golden Hills with Sister Weiman. It was fun! I like exchanges - freshens your views and keeps you focused on the purpose of bringing others closer to Christ. 

We just got a call that our miles on the car are being cut down, so we are going to be walking as much as we can to save miles. We decided we would spend all day Saturday knocking the apartment buildings around where we live. We prayed really hard before we started and ta-da! MIRACLES! We have 15 people with solid return appointments and are just the happiest little missionaries you ever did see. Super excited for the work to continue to progress!

I love being a missionary, sometimes it can be hard and discouraging, but what a privilege it is to wear this name tag and share the good news of the Restored gospel of Jesus Christ with these people. :) 

I love my Savior and Heavenly Father and I love this gospel. I know its true and that it can change our lives if we allow it to work in and through us. 

Love you all so much! Thanks for all of the love and support -
you guys are great!
Miss you lots!

Sister Loar

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