Monday, November 16, 2015


Hey hey! :)
So this week was insane, so many amazing tender mercies and some downs as well.

Monday-- We had an awesome day up at the Rudd's! We made sugar cookies and had a great time visiting with everyone there. There was a girl named Izzy there that was staying the night before she headed back to school in San Fransisco, so we got to share the message of the Restoration with her and it was so good! She was asking us questions all day. :) Loved every second of it! I LOVE THE RUDD'S.

We had a lesson with Sondra when we got back from the Rudd's and we taught her the Word of Wisdom, and it was AMAZING. I could definitely feel the spirit guiding the lesson and we were able to help her understand the changes she was going to need to make. She was willing to give up everything! :) She's going to need a lot of prayers to help her overcome her addiction to smoking cigarettes, please send some up to heaven for her!

Sister Long finally taught the Word of Wisdom for the first time on her mission! hahaha it was a pretty big deal.

Tuesday-- We had interviews with President and it was so good! I LOVE MY MISSION PRESIDENT. He and his wife are my favorite people. They are such amazing leaders and I just love them. When President tells you, you don't have much time left... then you really know that time is running out! haha SO NUTS HOW FAST THIS MISSION THING HAS GONE.

We had exchanges with the Laurelglen sisters and I got to go with the one and only..... SISTER KURTZ! :) Oh how I love that sister. She is soooo amazing and has become such a great missionary. So fun to be reunited with my companion from the MTC! :) We reminisced about the good old days and it was perfection. Tender mercies. :) We found a few great people! One was a cute family that spoke spanish and english.. a couple days later, they called us and told us that they didn't want us to come back.. so that was a bummer.

Brother Haney took us out to sushi! WOOHOO. :) 


Wednesday-- I started getting a cough/cold thingy... super lame, but no worries because I can still work just fine! Don't worry mom, I am taking my vitamins! :)

We did some service for Sondra and Mike! Their kitchen was pretty bad, so we offered to help them clean it, especially since Sondra has been feeling really sick this week. When we finished, it most definitely sparkled with cleanliness, but most of all it sparkled with the SPIRIT! :) 

Later that night Brother Bey and Brother Lindley gave Sondra, Mike and their daughter Nixxyn a blessing! IT WAS AMAZING! We wrote down what the blessing said and gave it to them a couple days later, and they loved it so much! 

Thursday-- We did service for the Martin family, because they are moving to Lehi, Utah after Christmas. We helped them pack up their kitchen and it was pretty fun! Then Mary came with us to the church for a lesson with Brian! We gave him a church tour and taught him about Following the Prophet and Keeping the Commandments. We read the talk from President Monson from this last General Conference (we got the conference edition Ensigns and we are HAPPY CAMPERS.) Anyhow, it went really well! He's pretty golden. He's 23 and has been in the Navy... I think.. but he's off duty or something like that or in the reserve.. so he hasn't been deployed or anything like that. He said he wants to become a better person and change his life for the better! Well Brian, this gospel is for you!!! :) It definitely can transform us and help us become the person Heavenly Father wants us to become.

Friday-- All of our appointments cancelled or they were not interested anymore. After knocking a few doors, we felt impressed to go by a few investigators in the nieghborhood... they weren't home... then we both thought of Tracy! (we haven't seen her in months) So we went and knocked on her door... not home... BUT MIRACLE--> We were in the right place at the right time and started talking to a woman outside of an apartment in Tracy's complex and her name is Darneesha! We taught her the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and she was SO STOKED to read the Book of Mormon! She said she had JUST gone through a really hard trial and she felt lost and hopeless.. so she prayed for help and then we showed up! :) So amazing!!!

That night we had a lesson with Sholanda about how to stay spiritually alive by doing CPR {Church, Praying, Reading}. She loved it! Sister James came with us, she's so awesome. After the lesson we taught all of her grandbabies what prayer was.. it was pretty sad, they didn't even know who Heavenly Father was... so we taught them all about it. They said their own little prayers about wanting to be a princess, and other things. It was pretty cute haha. Then Sholanda said the prayer and it was super genuine and so heartfelt! I just love her.

Saturday-- We didn't have too much luck. People told us that we were doing the wrong thing and part of the wrong church... but don't you worry, we sure let them know that we belonged to the Church of Jesus Christ and that we knew we were doing the right thing.

After lunch, we talked to a sweet lady named Adrianna! She was way nice. She told us her and her husband were studying with the Jehovah's Witnesses... so that she would get back to us after talking to her husband about it. She was super grateful though. They have such a cute son! Good family.. hope they become interested.

We had a lesson set up with Leann and Heather to meet with them at the church, but they stood us up... so we decided we can't teach them anymore, even though we love them. They aren't willing to do anything! :( 

We had a ride set up for Brian to come to a baptsim! We all got to the church ready for the baptism to start in ten minutes... and there were no cars in the parking lot.... BAH! It had been cancelled and no one told us. :( We miraculously got inside because someone just got there and had a key. We taught him the Word of Wisdom and read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon and got to show him the baptismal font. It went well overall, even though we were WAY bummed there wasn't a baptism for him to see and go to! Later, we realized all the tender mercies that happened in the experience, and we were super grateful.

That night we had an amazing lesson with a part member family, the Burton's!! :) The husband is not a member, but their two kids want to learn more and get baptized! Their names are Kaylee (12 yrs old) and Kyle (9). SO GREAT! Love love love it. They went to Magic Mountain on Sunday, but they said this next week they will come!

Sunday-- We stopped by Sholanda's and she had a rough night... she's having marital problems with her husband who works out of town.. It was so hard to see her so upset and sad. She wasn't sure if she was going to be able to come to church.. we really encouraged her to, because we knew it would make her feel better. She didn't end up coming. And either did Brian! That stinker! Sondra and Mike couldn't come either because they have her son every other weekend. Next week! We got to teach the Young Women's lesson! It was super good. I love the Young Women in this ward. They are amazing! And soooo strong!


We had dinner with the Mahan's! They remind me soooo much of my family. I just love them! Haha they were spewing movie quotes and the little brother who is Mason's age was doing super funny things that Mason would do hahahaha. I died, so hilarious. Love their family! The dad isn't a member, but he is warming up to us and he listened to the message we shared! :)

We went to the Bey's that night and had the best little discussion with them. They have been through some major health challenges with their son, and they've seen so many blessings and miracles! Such a good family. :)

I was reading Preach My Gospel this morning and it correlated with President Monson's talk! I'll share some of it with you. It's about recognizing the promptings of the spirit. "The Spirit does not get our attention by shouting or shaking us with a heavy hand. Rather it whispers. It caresses so gently that if we are preoccupied we may not feel it at all." (PMG 96) Are we too busy and moving so fast, where we can't feel the promptings of the Holy Ghost? 

"We are surrounded by persuasive voices beguiling voices, belittling voices, sophisticated voices, and confusing voices. I might add that these are loud voices. I admonish you to turn the volume down and to be influenced instead by that still, small voice which will guide you to safety... Open your hearts, even your very souls, to the sound of that special voice which testifies of truth. As the prophet Isaiah promised, 'Thine ears shall hear a word..., saying, This is the way, walk ye in it.' May we ever be in tune, that we might hear this comforting, guiding voice which will keep us safe." (President Thomas S. Monson, Oct. 2015)

I hope we can all follow the promptings of the Spirit this week, so that we can reach outside of ourselves and be instruments in the Lord's timing in answering other people's prayers. 

I love this gospel. I love this church. It truly is led by a prophet of God. I love you all! Hope you have an amazing week! Keep smiling! :)

Sister Loar