Monday, November 9, 2015


Hey-O! :) I just love you all so much. 

I can't even put into words what all happened this week! It was amazing!

Monday-- We played a game called gatorball... super intense and probably my favorite hahaha. A spanish elder turned around after I had apologized for kicking the ball super hard and said, "no sister, with ANGER!" hahaha it was hilarious. 


We had a great lesson with Jesse at Sister Burdick's about the Plan of Salvation!

Tuesday--We had exchanges with the Snow Sisters and we didn't have much luck in the morning until we felt like we should knock on a certain door (definitely the Spirit leading us) and we met Maria! Super amazing mother who is searching!!! She didn't set any return appointments with us sadly.. but we will hopefully see her this next week at church.

Half way through the day I found out that Sister Olsen knows SARAH LOAR!!!!! SAY WHAAAAT?!? hahaha I was flipping out all day long, it's the smallest world ever! I just started asking her about what she did before the mission and she said she nannied in NYC for a little bit! COME TO FIND OUT SARAH AND HER WERE LIKE BESTIES AND Sister Olsen totally knew all about Mitch! hahaha SO NUTS! :) and a tender mercy in disguise!

We had a lesson with Sholanda and it went really well! She's progressing well, just slowly..

Wednesday-- We had MLC in Tehachapi! IT WAS SO COLD hahaha we were all freezing up there. It's okay I've become a true Californian.. I've acclimated and with the slightest degree change, I need a cardigan and my boots! haha

We taught a lesson to Brian, a guy that the other sisters found on exchanges, at the park! He is super legit and keeping all of his commitments! We've taught him three times this week and he is solid! He should be coming to church this next week, he wasn't able to make it this last week. MIRACLES!

Thursday-- We had an amazing church tour and lesson with Sondra!!! SHE IS AMAZING AND SO STOKED TO BE BAPTIZED! :) Some members of the ward were there having a presidency meeting and so Sondra was able to meet so many great people and she loved it!

We had dinner at Sister Nowak's and she is just a gem.

Friday-- We had exchanges with the Monica sisters and we talked to Tony! And he basically couldn't get his hands on the Book of Mormon fast enough after we taught him the Restoration. It was really awesome. I LOVE IT. We've found so many prepared people this last week! SO AWESOME. We had dinner at SONDRA'S! :) She invited all four of us over for some bomb spaghetti!

Saturday-- We stopped by Sholanda's and read some of the Book of Mormon with her and she is doing well! She didn't make it to Stake Conference the next day because she got sick. :(

We had dinner at Janessa Haney's and they were celebrating her son, Alastor's, birthday! It was super fun and crazy with super great people!

Alastor's party‏

That night we had Stake Conference and it was so good! Elder Brag from the Seventy came and it was super amazing. I loved listening to such amazing speakers!

Sunday-- Stake Conference again and it was SO FUN seeing everyone from Stockdale! Love all of those wonderful humans!!

SONDRA & HER FAMILY CAME TO STAKE CONFERENCE! It was so amazing! We showed her the baptismal font and everything and she was planning her baptism and she is so excited! Brooke and Cody were there too and invited us all to come over for quesadillas for lunch and a lesson! Let me tell you... I've never had a better quesadilla.. it was DEVINE.

We taught the Restoration and it was amazing! Her face was priceless when we said there was a prophet on the earth today. She almost fell out of her seat! SONDRA PRAYED TO KNOW IF JOSEPH SMITH WAS 100% A PROPHET AND IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER. :)
I love all of them! SO AMAZING. Miracles are happening and people are super interested and keeping commitments! HALLELUJIAH!

Then we had dinner at the Lindley's, I just love them!
And a lesson with Sister Burdick and Brian! And then we ate some pie at the Hunter's. LOVELOVELOVETHESEHUMANS.

Love you all so much. 
The Lord is so good to each one of us. I just love this work and I love being a missionary. Each and every day brings new and old challenges and uncomfortable situations and opportunities for growth, but as I've exercised faith in my Savior and tried my best, the Lord has blessed me so much, I can't even begin to describe how loved I feel and how comforted I feel from the Holy Ghost. I just love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. BAH I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN MY LOVE FOR IT. It's the greatest.

One thing from Stake Conference that stuck out to me that Elder Brag said is that everyone on this earth chose to follow our Savior, so what do we have to lose! We need to share the gospel with everyone! :)

Love you all!
Sister Loar