Monday, June 22, 2015


Hey hey! Hope everyone had a great week!

Monday-- We stopped by the Herrings, to teach a lesson but none of the step kids were home, so we just talked to Tom and his wife! They are great haha! His voice is so loud so he was basically just talking over his wife the whole time, I was dying haha. He ended up showing us a sweet gun that a guy gave him! It's pretty intense.. I think its like a 44 mag or like 50 something or other. People from Cali get mad at me, because I am from Idaho and I don't own a gun and I know nothing about them.

Tuesday-- We taught the Restoration to Earlene! She is in her 60's I think and is just the nicest lady! She totally understood the Restoration and the spirit was so strong! We have an appointment with her this coming week, so we are hoping things continue to go well!

We ate dinner at Leanne and Robert's! They let us make dinner, so we made some BOMB grilled cheese sandwiches and salad and she made some amazing dessert. Pretty sure I gained major poundage after that, but it was definitely worth it haha! We also had an awesome discussion and were able to watch some Bible videos and others to answer their questions. I love love love talking about this amazing gospel. :)

Leanne put Buddy in the car :) hahaha - probably not allowed, but it was fun while it lasted!

Wednesday-- We went to Delano (near McFarland) for some mini-exchanges for a couple of hours to help them out in their area! We met some interesting people, so it was fun.

Thursday--We had a lesson with the Todd's and the Williams came too. It was on the Word of Wisdom and it went really well! They are such an awesome little family and they are expecting a baby in October so they are pretty excited about that! It's their first!

Friday-- We went on exchanges with the Laurelglen sisters! I went with Sister Cashin again and it was really fun! We went to go contact a potential named Christian, and ended up teaching the Restoration to his little brother who answered. Andy's 14 and wanted to know if what we said was true! We asked him if he would read and pray and he said yes! We also invited him to be baptized if he were to find out if it was true and he said yes! We asked him why, and he said, "because I love Jesus!" Haha love it. Super stoked to hopefully teach him and the rest of his family!

We tried to use this lost dog to find new people to teach.. it didn't work out as planned. But it was worth a shot!

Saturday-- We had a lesson with Ernie.. we are hopefully going to schedule a baptismal interview with him for this week. He is ready, and knows everything, but is just a little bit old and confused about some things still. So we will see where it goes. It has been a struggle with him lately.

We were walking down the street and met this lady named Yvonne! She is super nice! She was painting some old furniture in her garage and we just started talking to her and she ended up having friends that were Mormons. She asked us a few questions, but we just talked to her for a while and it was a really great contact. We didn't get to teach her anything, but hopefully the next time we go by, she will be ready! :)

We had planned to go see this lady named Stacey, and when we went to go talk to her, her son and her cousin were outside working on a car and she wasn't home. The cousin's name is Tony and he started asking us a bunch of questions! During the twenty minute conversation, he told us that he just got out of jail and he was going into a rehab program in a few days for his alcohol addiction. We just had a really good discussion with him about the gospel and how faith in Christ really helps us.We gave him a card and gave him some mormon messages to look up about the Hope of God's Light and about the Atonement and how God wants to forgive us! He said he would definitely check them out and he said that he doesn't think it's just a coincidence that he keeps running into Mormon missionaries lately. :) God has His hand in EVERYTHING.
Hopefully he calls our number when he gets out of rehab, or hopefully Heavenly Father guides other missionaries to him when he gets out! :)

That night a couple sitting in chairs on their front lawn with a cat climbing all over them talked to us for EVER about Wurlitzer organs.. it was pretty interesting. They really liked Mormon Tabernacle Choir! Some day they will be ready. They were really nice, just not ready to act on anything right now.

Sunday-- Church was great! We taught the kids in Primary about the Holy Ghost and stories of the people in the Book of Mormon being guided and directed by the Holy Ghost. During the opening part of Primary they did a spotlight on one of the kids. His name was Joel and he is 5. After talking about some of his favorite things, they asked why his favorite animal was a pig. He simply explained that he liked pigs, because they make bacon. :) hahahaha YES!

We had Father's day dinner at the Krauss's! They had some family in town and they already have a big family, so it was super fun being there with all of them! Made me feel like I was at home again. We taught the Restoration to them, and it was really brief, but the spirit was so strong. I love preaching this beautiful gospel. :)

That night we went to go contact Bill, but his daughter answered the door and we ended up teaching her the Restoration! She is so awesome! Her name is Hannah and she is almost 16. She is really nice, and super into FFA stuff! She said she would be baptized if she found out this is true! So great! We have a lesson with her on Tuesday! 

Such good things are happening! I'm so grateful to be serving a mission and to be serving in Bakersfield... even though I feel like I will melt everyday of my life, it has been such a good experience. I love serving the Lord and I am so happy to do this work! 

The steering wheel is soooo hot always haha!!!!   So this is how we drive sometimes!!!!

They changed the rules on when we get to go to the temple. The whole mission gets to go twice a year now, in June and in December. So we get to go this Wednesday!!! :) I'm so so so so excited. I haven't been to the temple for 7 months, so happy to be going again!

Also it is my year mark this week... say WHAT?!
I can't believe I've been gone for a year!

Well, I hope you all have a blessed week!

Love you so very much!!
Miss you all!

Sister Loar!

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