Monday, November 10, 2014


Well hello friends and familia! 

Such a crazy week, I feel like so much has happened!

Monday-- We went to the zone activity and it was super fun! We played charades and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, so it was great. :)Then we played some basketball which I always love so much!

Tuesday-- We had appointments almost every single hour, it was awesome! Not to mention that like four of them rescheduled or forgot haha but still! It looked good in our planners ;) 
We had an amazing lesson with the Millers! Sister Miller is a member and her husband is not, and hasn't really talked to missionaries before-- I think I've mentioned them a few times. They are just the greatest! We talked about the Book of Mormon and read the Intro to it. Robert read it and started to get choked up while reading it and he didn't seem to understand what was happening to him. (This guy is like the manliest of men haha) and so he quickly brushed it off but it was just such a touching experience! He totally accepted the challenge to read 3 Nephi 11 about the experience the Nephites had when Jesus Christ visited the Americas and he was super excited to read it. It was just such a cool lesson. I guess you had to be there haha. Then we talked to a new guy we met named Mario-- the first time we met him he had hair that stood up like 2 feet above his natural height hahaha it was hilarious. It was like he stuck his finger in a light socket or something haha! He rescheduled with us, but he told us he really wanted his whole family to listen to what we had to say, because he was impressed with what was making us come out and serve like we were! Super cool guy! Then we stopped by a guy named Scott's house. We had knocked on his door like 2 months ago, and we finally were going to see if he was interested at all. He opened the door and we talked to him for a while on his doorstep and gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he would read it to know more! Scott is awesome! Then we went to a guy named Chris's house and taught him the Restoration of the Gospel! It went pretty well! He is really interesting, he has long hair down to his waist and is a Jujitsu instructor! Pretty rad dude! We met Nicole, a former investigator who we had tried to meet but she never was home! So it was good to finally meet her, even though she was a tad tipsy on a Tuesday night... Nonetheless she made an appointment with us and let us come back! Then we met with the Perryman's they are some members we haven't met yet! They are so awesome! They told us we could play racket ball in their indoor court they have! So cool! We are going to hopefully play today with the other sisters!

Wednesday-- We had interviews with President Wilson and his wife. They went super well! They were up here in Tehachapi for a Leadership training meeting with the mission leaders. I got to see my old Zone Leaders from Palmdale and it was so good to see them and talk to them about how everyone is doing in Palmdale!!! :)

Thursday-- We planned for the upcoming week. We also talked with Abel and we decided with his school and everything going on that we should move his baptismal date to December, so that he will have more time to learn and everything. 

Friday-- We woke up SUPER early to get ready to teach seminary! We taught the freshman and all of the skinny lanky boys in there reminded me of Mason and his little chums. Super crazy to think they are the same age as him! We then went to Zone Training Meeting in Bakersfield. That was SO GOOD! I loved every second of it. One of the Hermanas that is going home next transfer talked about obedience and how that has blessed her life and she has seen so much more success when she finally humbled herself and chose to be exactly obedient! Then one of the Assistants to President Wilson, Elder Collins, is going home this week, gave us a training on how we can better teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how we can simplify things even more. He focused on how we can fulfill our purpose as missionaries and how we can be the best we can. He said he figured out how to be a successful missionary 2 months ago, and that he is super sad he didn't figure it out for his whole mission! I, on the other hand, was so grateful he taught that training, because I still have over a year left and I get to have that for the rest of my mission! :) That night Sister Kay got bit by a crazy chihuahua.. hahaha it was a really intense experience, but now afterwards, it is quite hilarious! She is find, just a tiny chunk of skin is missing from her foot. It will heal nicely though. 

Saturday-- The other sisters in our district that are serving in Tehachapi had a baptism of a whole family! It was a mom and her three kids :) It was so beautiful and such an awesome service. Sister Kay and I had to share the message of the Restoration of the Gospel while the people who were baptized were changing. It was super intimidating because the Zone Leaders were there, and President Wilson and his wife were there! But we prayed super. super hard and Heavenly Father did not let us mess things up. The spirit was super strong, and that is the most I have ever felt it while sharing that message. I'm really grateful for that experience of sharing those things. That night we stopped by to give Robert Miller his Gospel Principles book for class on Sunday and he and Sister Miller surprised us with HUGE and super warm blankets! They had our favorite animals on them--> obviously mine has lions on it!!!!!!! It is SO RAD!!! They are the sweetest people ever! 

Sunday-- The power went out at the church! So we had sacrament meeting in the semi dark and the speakers had to really project their voices haha! But it turned out to be an awesome meeting! We were super sad that the last two hours were cancelled because the power outage, because Robert Miller and Sister Miller and our other investigator Jeff Evans was going to stay for all 3 hours!!! But it is okay, everything worked out. Oh and it was Sister Kay's birthday yesterday, and I secretly told everyone I could in the ward, so lots of people got her little presents and some good food and made cakes and made dinner for us! It was awesome! :) We also got transfer calls last night and found out we are both staying here in Golden Hills!!!!! Woohooo! We are super happy about that! :)

Anyways, it was a super crazy week, sorry it is such a long email. Just know that I love all of you and appreciate all of the support! You guys are the best. This is the true church and the Gospel HAS been restored to its fulness! I love it with all my heart!

Have a wonderful week!
Sister Loar

PS-- sorry there are no pictures, the card reader we have been using has been deleting our pictures when we use it... so until i find a better way to put pictures on here, I wont be able to send any for a while! LOVE YOU ALL!

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