Monday, November 17, 2014


Hello my favorite humans! :)

Not too much happened this week, it was kind of a weird one but still good just the same!

We taught Cathy a couple of times and decided that she isn't really progressing at all. She has a hard time retaining really anything we are teaching and she doesn't keep the commitments we leave with her to do, so we are sadly not able to continue teaching her, but we will go over there and do service for her still.

Abel is doing well! He didn't make it to church this Sunday because of work again, but we are looking forward to teach him on Tuesday! We taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ- having faith, repenting, being baptized and receiving the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end! He hasn't been religious before this so he is pretty hesitant on a few things. BUT he did pray on his own in between our visits with him and he said he will continue and start reading as well! :)

We found two new investigators, Cynthia and Alyssa!

Cynthia has four kids and one of them has Leukemia, so it has been super hard for her and her family to deal with. She goes to church at another local church and really likes it! We started asking her questions and we told her about the Book of Mormon. After we finished talking about the Book of Mormon and what it is and what it answers for us, she asked us, "Well do you have one of these books?? Can I read it??" It was so awesome! We are going to try to find her at a good time this week and teach her more!

Alyssa is a sweet, sweet girl! She is 21 and living with her foster grandparents who are members and who have recently moved into the ward. They aren't really active in the church so we are trying to love them and serve them so they feel welcome in the ward. Alyssa has Aspergers but is highly functioning and super excited about learning more about the Gospel. She came to church this Sunday and it was super good to have her there! 

We went over to Heather Mason's house and she is so awesome! Her kids are hilarious. She is totally interested and loves having us come over and "teach about Jesus" (as her kids say) haha! We are hopefully going to meet with them this week sometime!

Christian, is still struggling to quit smoking, but he is doing so much better! He used to smoke 20+ cigarettes a day and now he is down to 4! We gave him a few more ideas of how to stop so hopefully that will help him completely stop! 

This week was a little rough, but I am learning a lot! I'm so grateful for this wonderful life we have been given and for the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I love you all so much and am so grateful for the support and love you give me and send my way! Thanks for the prayers and letters and emails, you guys are the best!

Give Sister Merkley a hug for me! So exciting that she is coming home from her mission! 

Love and miss you all to pieces,
Sister Loar

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