Monday, August 4, 2014

Holy Moly - another week has gone by!‏

Hi Everyone!!!!

It has been so good to hear from all of you! I can't express my appreciation in words! the love and support is over whelming, but keep it coming! :) It is the best feeling in the world! I could not be here and doing what I am doing if it weren't for each one of you and your prayers and support!

This week flew by! The days are starting to mush together and it kind of scares me because I am still only in my first transfer! But crazy crazy this is my 5th week in the field!!

Lot's of people cancelled their appointments with us this week, but we still were blessed to teach a lot! Such a blessing to have appointments and people to teach!

We helped make some homemade peach jam with Sister Dalton in the ward (the cutest woman ever--she served in Spain and her husband served in Brazil) They just moved here a month ago and have two cute little kids! they totally remind me of Heather and Tyson and Aiden and Addy! they are so awesome! So Sister Dalton invited a neighbor over and another young wife in the ward over to make this homemade jam from the peaches on her peach tree! We also made some peach mango salsa too! It was super fun to get to know them better! We gave some of the jam and salsa to our investigators! Later in the week we had dinner at their house and they invited the same people over and it was the greatest thing ever! So many faces to meet and hopefully in the future we will be able to introduce this beautiful gospel to them. They are all young families and have such good standards for living life! It is so exciting!:)

MOM&DAD-- thanks so much for teaching me how to work hard. I owe it all to you! We were trying to find ways to serve this week and we have been so blessed to find opportunities! RJ one of our investigators is the son of a woman who recently joined the church. The mom was going to be gone during our lesson so we had the lesson outside with RJ and afterwards we said bye to RJ and then talked to one of their neighbors that is a member in the ward and he helped us mow their lawn (because we found out their lawn mower got stolen the day before) and then I weeded one of their flower beds at the fastest pace I have ever weeded! We were trying to finish before the mom got home so it would stay a secret! We succeeded and it was the greatest feeling ever!

Then we volunteered at an elementary school helping the secretaries finish up the bulletin boards before school starts this week! I think we are going back tomorrow too! they were the sweetest ladies ever too! :)

Letty and the Chans came to church yesterday! And so did Free! We haven't been able to teach Free yet, but he is more than willing to come to church so hopefully we will get to this week! :)

Sundays are the best days ever. I just love them so much!!! We have a great ward who helps so much! There are so many members willing to fellowship all of our investigators and become friends with them. Be sure to be that friend that those missionaries need for their investigators! :) It helps so much and is essential to help them feel welcome in the Lord's kingdom. PLEASE DO IT. :)

My patience and faith are definitely being tried, but I know that through Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father, my prayers are being answered and will be answered in the Lord's time!

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! I can't imagine life as a non missionary right now... this is my life now and I love it more than anything. it is the best thing ever and I don't really ever want to go back to reality.

Sister Loar

PS: Today we got to do our laundry at some member's homes! The Smiths! Basically my favorite family, their kids are hilarious! We made some cookies for our investigators too! :) Shelby is the sassy one eating the cookie dough :)

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