Monday, October 26, 2015


Alright so this week was a good one!

Monday-- I dyed my hair! :) Well Sister Livingston did, and it's so fun! While she was dying my hair, Sister Long made our Halloween costumes.. stay tuned for some pictures. 

Everytime I looked in the mirror this week, Skuttle's voice from The Little Mermaid comes in my head, "Ariel!! ARIEL!!!!" hahahahaha since it has some red in it, I felt like Ariel. haha

Tuesday-- We went on an adventure with Sister Hillhouse up to the Rudd's in Glennville! It's about 50 miles from Oildale/North Bakersfield and it is way pretty up there!

We ate some lunch at the Rudd's and then they gave us an awesome tour of Sister Rudd's family Ranch! It was so rad! I loved it! They have summer camps during the summer up there where kids from all over come and spend two weeks and get to explore and have a good time! Harry, a 29 year old, worked as a cook up there this last summer and is staying with the Rudd's, trying to decide what he's going to do next. He isn't a member of the church... yet ;) haha before we left, we shared a message with their family. It was the message of the Restoration and we invited Harry to learn more and to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and to come to church and to be baptized adn he said.... he'll think about it. Haha it was super intense! Afterwards Sister Rudd sent us a text that said, "Halfway through I smiled and thought wow, this is the first discussion lol. Good job girls." hahaha it was awesome! I LOVE THE RUDD'S. Sister Rudd is like my lost long sister. She and Aunt Sherri would have a BLAST together hahaha they are so awesome! I love it!

That night, when we got home, Sister Long went to bed super early because she wasn't feeling good. 

Wednesday-- Sister Long didn't feel well so she took a nap and then we went out that afternoon. We were talking to a less active lady in the ward on her doorstep, and Sister Long started to collapse. She has hypoglycemia, and she wasn't watching her blood sugars at all and she basically went into a diabetic-like shock and thank goodness I watched Steele Magnolia's so many times so I knew what she needed! I asked the sister, if she had any juice. We got Sister Long some juice and she came out of it and was able to become coherent again. Scariest moment of my LIFE!!! The ambulance came, but Sister Long was well enough not to have to go to the hospital, thank goodness. We stayed in for the next couple of days until she was better. She was super sick and had a hard time recovering.

Friday-- Sister Long was still not doing well, so we took her to Urgent Care and got her some meds to help her out. 

We stayed in all day Friday too. The ward was AWESOME. Seriously so many people asked us if we needed anything. Brother Bey brought us a bunch of food that Sister Long could eat and the Shimmin's brought this bomb soup and homemade scones! SO GOOD. I just love this ward. They are so amazing!

Saturday-- Sister Long was feeling a lot better, so we were able to go to the AP comp study with the STL's it was SO good! They gave us sooo many good things to work on! Here is an acronym they came up with to help us out (lots more was learned along with the acronym, but lack of time, I can't explain all the way!)--->

A-Ask Questions
N-Never be complacent

Then they talked about a "growth cycle". If we exercise our faith and do things that are out of our comfort zones, the faith of others and the Lord will help us and give us the strength to do it, then we see the evidence of our exercised faith, and then our faith and knowledge GROW! :)

We went around and invited everyone to come to the Trunk or Treat Halloween party that the ward was putting on that night! It was fun! We found a new investigator, Delia while we were out!
The Halloween party was super awesome!! Brooke took us in her car and Cody took the elders in his jeep! It was out in some almond orchards the church owns and it was SO fun! Everyone's costumes were great and festive. We had a good time! And our costumes were a hit! (literally kids were punching our boxes hahaha)

Someone thought my costume was a garbage can!!!

Sunday-- WAS THE BEST!
Church was so amazing. EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED. It was the Primary Program and SHOLANDA CAME!!! :) With her grandson Duane! It was so fun!
That morning I read another talk about the Sacrament that changed my life. Here's a link to it!

Sister Rudd taught the Relief Society lesson and words can't describe how much I needed it. It was so inspired and I'm so grateful. It was all about the conference talk, Waiting for the Prodigal. Sister Rudd came up with some steps for inviting family and friends to church that really touched me.

1. Lovingly let them make their own choices.
2. Never stop caring for or loving them
3. Pray for them
4. Never lose hope
5. Continue to reach out to them
6. Continually try to reach out again.
7. Reach out to their family and friends.
8. Support them in things you can 
9. Listen for and obey promptings
10. Don't judge we all fall short!

Pay attention to what repeats in the steps, and do them! That's my invite to all of you is to invite someone to church. :)

That night we had dinner at the Jorgy's (Jorgensen's) and the Rudd's were there! It was a Ruddly weekend. :) and it was riot. I love those families.

Afterwards we went to Leann and Heather's to try to teach them a lesson, which wasn't successful, but we ended up singing primary songs and teaching them to the 3 little boys. They are so crazy, but so cute. They just need to come to church!!! :)

This week I had so much time to study, a little too much time hahaha. I was ponderizing the scripture, Doctrine & Covenants 121:45-->

45 Let thy bowels also be full of charity towards all men, and to the household of faith, and let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly; then shall thy confidence wax strong in the presence of God; and the doctrine of the priesthood shall distil upon thy soul as the dews from heaven. 

and in 3 general conference talks and an ensign article I felt impressed to read, there that scripture was! Tender mercies and revelation! :) SO AMAZING.

"Dew moistens and cools whatever it forms on. Because of this, it can help plants survive hot, dry summers... We live in a world that is hostile to faith and testimony, but our Heavenly Father never leaves us to wither. When we allow God's word to "distil upon [our souls]," we can be refreshed and kept alive spiritually, and we can then thrive, grow, and bring forth the fruits of faith-- a change of heart, a love of God and our fellowmen, and good works."

Hope you all had an amazing week!

Love you all!
Sister Loar

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