Monday, July 21, 2014


I'm a missionary, I'm a straight up M, the mission life is the life fo MEEE!

Hello my favorite humans! How I miss your faces so so so much!
I am probably the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. I just love love LOVE doing the Lord's work!

Palmdale is the windiest place on this earth. Wearing a skirt is a STRUGGLE in the wind....ha ha!! We call each other Sister Monroe and Sister Medusa with our crazy hair and skirts.

We have a new family we are teaching! The Chans, are the funniest and most awesome family ever. They are Filipino (from Manilla--- mom tell Rose! :)) The dad grew up a member of the church and was baptized, but after he turned 19 he stopped going and kind of changed his lifestyle... BUT he wants his family to have what he had when he was growing up, and that is the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Alfredo Jr. (the dad-- hilarious human) has an addiction to cigarettes and wants to stop, so we will be hopefully helping him out with that. His wife, Hilda and his son Alfredo the 3rd had their first lesson with us this week! We taught them the Plan of Salvation because Alfredo Jr.'s mother who was staying with them, just passed away and they are having a hard time with that. Their daughter CJ (She has a disability but the sweetest girl you ever did meet) just loves me and the feelings are mutual. She is so awesome! They came to church yesterday! THE HAPPIEST DAY!!!! So excited to see how the gospel can change their lives! We are teaching them on Tuesday and can't wait for that! I just love their family!!!

Lettie is our other investigator we were teaching this last week and she also came to church! We taught her the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation this week and I invited her to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized!!!! MY FIRST BAPTISMAL DATE! HAPPY DAY! September 27th is the day, because her husband wont be home from a very long business trip so  we might be moving it up as we teach her hopefully. So excited to be teaching her on Tuesday as well.

 Sunday night, last night, we were out contacting some of our potential investigators and we had visited these people's house a lot over the last week and we felt super bad for annoying them.. BUT we decided we needed to go anyways. (This house is directly across from our church building) So Tristain (the husband, who we hadn't met yet answered the door) started to talk to us and was SO NICE. SO NICE. I could tell he was trying to let us off easy and just tell us he didn't need to hear our message because they were already religious. I was totally feeling the Spirit suuuper strong and started to ask him about his family and how our message can help him and his family be SO much happier then they already are. He was super interested and the Spirit was sooo strong that I wasn't even sure how the things that were coming out of my mouth were making sense.. but they did and he was really listening. I told him how his life and his family's lives could be changed by having a knowledge of a prophet of God on the earth today who can help them and guide them! He said that he was super faithful and always searching for answers from God and reading the Bible. He said he believed that if God wanted him to know about Joseph Smith being a prophet and about the Book of Mormon being true, God would have lead him to the Mormon church. WHEN HE SAID THAT I ABOUT DIED. So I told him how we had been prompted to come to his door even though we knew it might be annoying to him and his wife, and that we know that Heavenly Father sent us to give him the opportunity to find out if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was the true church. He told us he would need to pray about it!! We were like alrighty!!!!! That is A-Okay!!!! hahaha so he said we could come back sometime next week to see how they were doing on that. SO YAY! MIRACLES!

I am so sad I don't have enough time to explain all of our experiences, just know that Heavenly Father loves all of us and knows our individual needs!

Every day I am just amazed at the people in this area! I truly do love them and am so happy to be a missionary. I love it so much! I feel so blessed to have this opportunity! Thank you EVERYONE for the support and love. You are the greatest friends and family alive! XOXO

Love all of you!
Sister Loar

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